News for Section 331

Finally, I have an ETA for my new laptop; it will be here this Thursday. A day after the World Series starts, but technically speaking, I’m pretty much where I wanted to be for all of this. It also looks like I will soon be leaving Verizon in favor of AT&T, and timidly venturing into the 21st century by obtaining…wait for it…an iPhone. This is still heavily under investigation, however, because I’m not a fan of things with a touch screen so I may have more thinking to do. I also don’t know that I can do this money-wise just yet.

As for the playoffs, I’m not entirely pleased with the results so far, but there have been some small consolations. I watched the Diamondbacks and Phillies get knocked off the ladder, and then finally, terribly the other evening, I checked the score with one of the owners of The Beer Junction as I was making some post-dinner purchases and found out that the Tigers had lost in a fantastic blowout. Oh, the humanity. I know I said that I didn’t think the Tigers might truly make it to the World Series, but there is always hope; and I had it, but that’s the way the game goes. You stick with the game, and the game sticks it to you.

So the last barrier to my enjoyment of the World Series was broken last night when St Louis beat the snot out of the Milwaukee Brewers, ensuring that now I don’t have to back the Rangers during the World Series. Given a choice between Yuniesky Betancourt winning it all and the Rangers, I was going to fall into line behind Texas like it was my job, but now I can rest securely in the nest of St Louis, avoiding rooting for a division rival. Juggling choices like this when there is no personal investment is difficult enough, but this year has been ridiculously difficult for me. I don’t know anyone local who likes any of the teams that have been left. Usually, I’m able to kind of feed off the energy of my friends who are fans of other teams. This year, I had to do it all on my own, and that was a little more difficult than I had initially thought it might be. Not being readily connected to news and constant updates like I can be when I have my own computer (I am currently using Tom’s) has really sucked the life out of the tail end of this season.

But enough complaining and half-hearted re-hash of things I’ve already said in recent weeks. It’s time to get to the good stuff; improvements to this site.

This year, I finally get to go visit Cooperstown. I have been keenly interested in this since Christmas of 2009, when we drove past the exit from my sister-in-law’s house on our way to see other family in Coudersport, PA. I really didn’t know how close my sister-in-law lived to the area, so it was a bit of a revelation. Tom has been promising me that “next time” we’ll go. This year is my year. So I came up with the idea the other day that I might try to liveblog or possibly use Twitter to bring my experience there to those of you who read me. And it might actually come true; in addition to the new computer, the aforementioned coveted iPhone may be my key to bringing a little bit of Cooperstown to Seattle, Portland, Olympia, and wherever else you crazy kids are coming from.

Barring my ability to iPhone my way through the Hall of Fame, I might be taking requests for any photos of anything specific anyone might want to see, because I am lobbying heavily for a new camera for my upcoming birthday. I don’t think I’ve done all I can with my current Canon, but I do think I need to step up from the S5 iS. I will be getting more tickets in the left field bleachers next year, and I need something that is faster, sleeker, and more up-to-date with the other media I’m wanting to bring to this blog. I am hoping to make improvements in the offseason that will help me bring the Mariners to the internet in a way that I never have before. More on all of this, of course, as it develops.

As I received little response to my last question about future weekly features, it looks like I may be bringing Fridays at Safeco back. I have a lot of photos I never got to share this year, and towards the end of September, I attempted a different approach to taking pictures that might help me next year. If I can spend some time this winter learning a new camera and trying to hone some of the stuff I taught myself late this season, I should be in fine form by Opening Day 2012.

So that is all for now. I will be attending tomorrow night’s Sounders match at Qwest Field, or Century Link as I guess it’s now being called (I prefer the nickname that I’ve heard online recently, the Clink. Perfect). That’s my last live sporting event for a while. I’d like to try and get to either a Thunderbirds or Stealth game this winter, but we’ll see. I have also discovered that I quite enjoy rugby, but unfortunately we don’t do a whole lot of that here in the States. Currently, however, I’m going to try and squeeze as much enjoyment out of the remainder of the baseball season as possible, and maybe the next time I write here, I’ll be fully operational.

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