Rangers push back, Game 2

Because I’m having a difficult time motivating myself to watch the World Series this year (I might as well be honest), I took my time eating dinner and watching a little national news before switching to the actual game. I suffered for my complacency, however, because I missed this little gem from Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler. Some day I’ll learn how to make .gifs. When that day comes, I will dominate the world. Until then, I am content to watch that one rotate itself for a while. Nice work, Texas.

Both Colby Lewis and Jaime Garcia did quite well this evening. I wasn’t expecting a 0-0 score in the 7th, which was about when I turned the channel over. I’m a little disappointed that so far there hasn’t been a lot of scoring, but it’s also great to watch two teams who have been so evenly matched so far, and the pitching tonight was fun to watch. That could all change this Saturday in the warm, humid weather of Texas (thunderstorms maybe?!) and in Arlington Stadium where home runs can be numerous, but not tonight. Tonight was a game of baby steps.

Colby Lewis was taken out in the 7th inning with two out and two on. Alexei Ogando was brought in again to face Craig Allen for the second night in a row. And for the second night in a row, Allen got to him, hitting an RBI single to collect the first run of the game for the Cardinals. Marc Rzepczynski joined the game in the 8th with one out and took care of the rest of his Rangers. Mike Adams and His Bizarro Set Position relieved Ogando in the bottom of the 8th and on his 9th pitch got Lance Berkman to swing. The ball went under Ian Kinsler’s glove in the shallow right infield, earning Berkman a base. Adams had to face Matt Holliday next with two out, and after what seemed like forever (but was, in fact only 6 pitches. Six. Slow. Pitches), Holliday got his ball 4, down and away. Daniel Descalso came to the plate, Adams stalled a little bit, keeping an eye on Berkman behind him at second. He got Descalso to put the ball in play to Kinsler, who redeemed himself by making the final out at first base.

Like last night’s game, Skip Schumaker came into right field for the Cardinals, and Jason Motte took the hill for the Cards in the top of the 9th. Unlike last night’s game, Texas mounted an offense and the Cardinals started to suffer from sloppy play, missing a Kinsler stolen base, and allowing Elvis Andrus to hit a single to center field, a single that dropped to the ground before John Jay had any chance to get to it, an opportunity Andrus used to get to second. Then I got up to change into flannel so I can get to bed earlier this evening, and while I was out of the room Texas tied the game. Shortly after that, Elvis Andrus came through with a sacrifice fly to bring Texas ahead, and after the last Ranger out, Neftali Feliz trotted (I imagine) out to the mound to shut St Louis down.

Feliz gave a leadoff walk to Yadier Molina, who I still maintain has the prettiest eyes in baseball. Pretty eyes don’t help you run fast, though; then again, neither does Gerald Laird, who was brought in to pinch run (I’d laugh if it wasn’t for all these tears) for Molina for a Reason Unbeknownst to Me. Nick Punto, the second batter of the inning, struck out swinging on a high-90s fastball. Skip Schumacher also struck out swinging, and it was Rafael Furcal’s turn to try and take care of business. But he couldn’t. Texas wins, 2-1.

All told, this was a far more interesting game than I thought it would be when I turned it on. Granted, I didn’t watch the earlier innings, and my opinion might have been different if I had, but I’m glad I did. Another day off tomorrow, then more baseball on Saturday. The season is almost over. Sadness. There are some other things Mariners-related that I want to address, but right now I’m exhausted, and the antihistamines aren’t helping. I am suffering from a bad nickel allergy on my face, and I’d just like to go to sleep and sleep through some of it. And yes, I’m aware that my blog entries are awful right now. Thankfully, there are only a few of you here.

Good night!

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2 Responses to Rangers push back, Game 2

  1. Helen Ormsby says:

    Two questions about names: Schumaker or Schumacher. You spelled it both ways. His uniform shows Schumaker, but the announcers pronounced his name Schumacher. How should it be pronounced? Secondly, did you notice during the Milwaukee games that the announcers persisted in pronouncing Betancourt’s name with a silent t, like Stephen Colbert’s name. The Mariner announcers always pronounced it with the t sounded. Who is right?

    • Megan Shear says:

      I would take whatever’s on the back of his jersey, and acknowledge, please, that I was exhausted last night when I was editing this.

      As for Yuni – it’s got a “T” at the end of it, and while technically the name is French, the national broadcasters don’t know their players like the locals do. It was pronounced BetancourT the entire time he was here, I would trust our announcers LONG before I’d trust anyone on TBS or FOX.

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