Get to steppin’

Day off for the World Series, which is apparently already in a rain delay in St Louis. I’m about to head out for dinner, so you get fluff from me.

Regardless of how you feel about the dancing grounds crew at Safeco Field, they’re going to be there until they’re not anymore. People find them entertaining, they fill up some time between innings, and they’ve sort of become part of baseball. We’re not the only team that employs people who serve a dual purpose. But it’s a good thing those folks are good at gardening, because, while entertaining, their dance moves are…well…they’re not this guy:

That is how a grounds crew needs to get down. If you’re going to do it, go big or go home. The Rangers only have one guy. Are you telling me, Seattle, that we can’t get our team or five or six to bust some moves like that? We need a cadre of drag queens or ravers or whomever is responsible for anything Usher does to come in and lesson-up our people! Time to kick out the jams.

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