I just wanted to write something today, as a way to get back on my feet from my long absence, an absence which, hopefully, will start to turn itself around as the offseason gears up. I’m trying to come back, trying to regain my online presence, trying to talk more about baseball here and less about everything but baseball on Twitter. It’s been kind of difficult, even after only a little over a month, to realize that I’m back in business, and I still haven’t pulled my photos over here from the other computer, nor have I truly learned to use iPhoto. It’s a nice program, but it doesn’t work like I’m used to with the PC.

I just wanted to thank everyone for being fans with me this year. I’ve met a lot of really cool people, gotten the chance to talk shop with a bunch of you in person, and enjoyed chatting with even more of you online. I’ve met casual fans, hardcore fans, some broadcasters, a few more bloggers, some front office folks, and more than a few of you I’d be happy to have a beer with or allow into my home; and that’s saying something. We’ve ridden the Seattle Mariners roller coaster together, badmouthed opposing teams, shared a lot of laughs at the expense of both, and at least one of you has even met my parents. A few of you have become regulars or semi-regulars at non-baseball parties at my house. Some of you have even made sure I got giveaways from games I couldn’t make it to.

And all of that is pretty cool.

Cooler still is the fact that I have been able to chat and relate to fans of other teams, a lot of whom are women. That might even be cooler than meeting fans of the teams I’m a fan of, because you start to realize that even though you hate, say, the Texas Rangers, Micah Chaplin is a pretty sweet gal. So is Caryn Rose. Hell, pretty much anyone on this list here is a good follow for baseball, football, footie, maybe a little hockey, all from the female perspective.

But it truly has been a pleasure this season talking and meeting you all. And I’d like to raise a glass to many more seasons of cheering, swearing, crying, sarcasm, and smiles over this marvelous game called baseball. Now let’s get ready for 2012.

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