Waiting for the Mariners to Do Something(TM)

So I guess Jeff Gray is gone? I’m not sure I have any feelings about this. I’m not even tempted to look up numbers on whether or not I should. I’m not trying to be mean or anything here, but Jeff Gray arrived extremely unceremoniously, and seems to have departed in much the same way. I cannot immediately recall if he ever did anything in Seattle that I was terribly impressed by, and I don’t know if I’ll miss him. If memory serves, he did well on his first outing for us, and I think I might have subconsciously decided that it was good enough and sort of tuned him out. Unlike so many other members of the bullpen, I never got to know Gray. He doesn’t have a publicly available fascinating back story like Tom Wilhelmsen or Steve Delabar. He doesn’t have a funny name like Chance Ruffin. He hasn’t been part of a major trade like Josh Lueke. He was just with the White Sox, then he was with us, now he’s with Minnesota. Such is the life of a decent relief pitcher, I suppose.

I’m far more concerned about whether or not David Aardsma will choose to come back to Seattle as he is free agent-ing his way through November. Actually, maybe “concerned” isn’t the right word. I could be completely talking out of turn here, but I’d like to think that Aardsma likes it here well enough to try and stay, and I’d like to think that the organization would like to see a return investment on his surgery. I’m not going to pretend I know what goes on during contract negotiations. Not in baseball, at least. I would even be content seeing Aardsma as a setup guy for Brandon League, as I feel that League has proven himself to be a solid – if not occasionally thrilling – closer. Both of them have been recognizable staples of the pen for a while now. and you know me; I don’t like change.

Not much else going on for the Mariners, though names are starting to be thrown around. I heard Grady Sizemore this morning. We have a perfectly good center fielder, though! Maybe. Sort of. Gutz’s medical issues are extremely concerning due to their mysterious, seemingly non-solvable nature. But I haven’t heard a medical update on him in quite some time, so I am not sure how he’s doing. Something I need to make sure to check up on in the next few days. I feel so out of touch with everything. Computer, never leave me again!

MLBTR has their yearly free agent tracker up so we can all keep track of everyone. Sorry for the abrupt ending, I just realized what time it is, and I have a bus to catch.

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2 Responses to Waiting for the Mariners to Do Something(TM)

  1. If Aardsma is being genuine, then he has indicated that the situation in no way makes it less likely he’s back in Seattle. Him opting for free agency is just how baseball goes in this situation, his other option was getting stuck in AAA. I see him coming back to the M’s in a 2010 Erik Bedard type deal, low base pay with incentives for a rehabbing player that might return mid year.

    • Megan Shear says:

      I think he he is. I mean, has a decent rapport with the fans, that sort of thing. It’s not often I buy pro athlete talk, because so many of them will simply follow the money, but Aardsma seems to like it here.

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