Free Agentry, and a Tale of the Imaginary Roster

So it looks like Luis Rodriguez is now a free agent, too. While Luis Rodriguez made me far more comfortable at third during 2011 than Chone Figgins has since he got here, I’m not in a huge hurry to be sad about this. Rodriguez started out the year in Single A, was sent to Tacoma after 11 plate appearances, had 33 plate appearances with the Rainiers, and spent most of the season in a major league uniform. His banner year seems to have been 2010, with his fancy .293 BA and shiny .856 OPS. La-dee-dah, White Sox. Obviously this doesn’t mean that Rodriguez will never wear a Mariners uniform again, but I sincerely have my doubts. If you look at the numbers, L-Rod seems to do best at either Triple A or in 2008. Perhaps Rodriguez will find that the open market doesn’t suit him, and given the fact that the time machine has not been invented yet, he’ll find himself back in the glamorous lights of Cheney Stadium. Never say never.

I also understand that Anthony Vasquez was outrighted to Tacoma. That’s fine too, if for no other reason than freeing up a spot in the rotation. His spot in particular. I’m not delivering anything earth-shattering by saying that Vasquez is simply not majors material. He’s still young, he’s got a lot of time to get back on the branch and ripen. I’d like to think we’ll keep him if we can. Maybe another year at Triple A with a September call up will get him nice and ready for 2013. He had a nice start in Cleveland, and being able to retain your cool with that damn bass drum beating in the background with every throw is admirable, but we need something else up here in Seattle. I’d like to think it opens up a nice cozy spot for Jamie Moyer.

Dave has been busy over at USS Mariner, taking a viaduct-like approach to next year’s roster. Trading Michael Pineda and Brandon League?! I may cry. League I might be able to get over; he’s a reliever, I know it’s the nature of things for them, and I’ve come to grudgingly accept that the bullpen will never be what it was in the days of Mark Lowe, John Wetteland, and the gladiator helmets. I don’t like it, but I can accept it. But Michael Pineda? I don’t know if I’m ready for that one. I just really started to like him. A lot. I also don’t know that I like the idea of trading Mike Carp, though I’m fully willing to admit that 2011 might have been a fluke for him. A glorious, scream-inducing fluke that I would like to see continue for us next year, but a fluke nonetheless. The other trades/signings I think I can deal with. Maybe not Erik Bedard, but that’s more of a fan thing for me, and has nothing to do with whatever numbers he might have put up while in Boston.

I like Dave’s post, but in the end, I’m left feeling like Justin Smoak is kind of getting the raw end of the deal there. Votto’s numbers are sweet like pie, but I really enjoyed watching Smoak at first. I’ve never seen Votto at first. Votto is an unknown to me. I sort of only barely know this one guy who is a Reds fan. Using Smoak at DH seems like a waste of a first base talent, though I’m sure Dave could throw some math at me to tell me why it’s not. The best part of all of the ideas presented in that post is the part where Chone Figgins goes somewhere that isn’t Seattle. I feel terrible saying that about one of my own, but it’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last (Brad Wilkerson, I’m looking at you). I’m assuming that Dave made this posting prior to Rodriguez’s pseudo-departure, so I’m wondering who he’d want in the reserve column if we had no more L-Rod? I’m thinking that in that particular scenario, we keep Carp, since he can do the IF/OF thing. Am I wrong? Anyone have any better suggestions? Any opinions on Dave’s post, or alternate moves you’d like to see during the offseason?


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3 Responses to Free Agentry, and a Tale of the Imaginary Roster

  1. I think it’s a solid plan, Votto was number 2 for 1B WAR in all of MLB, and top 10 overall for batters. Dude is MVP caliber, and while I hate to get rid of Pineda, might be best to capitalize on his value right now. The trade seems fair for both sides, especially with the breakdown Dave did lower in the comments. Smoak, just doesn’t seem like a quality defensive 1B to me, so it’s no issue in my mind having him at DH. He’s not like, Prince Fielder, but he’s still kind of a slow wall.

    As for Mike Carp, I really don’t care for him. And it’s not so much him, but more that the fanbase seems to put irrational value on him, even before he put up some good numbers during his 2nd stint in the bigs this year. If he gets traded off for fair value, I’ll be happy, for the same reason I was happy when Tui got jettisoned. Also, any plan that makes Figgins go the fuck away is a good plan in my mind.

    • Megan Shear says:

      I totally get the Carp thing. I just like him as a player. I don’t know that he’d be able to repeat that performance next year, since it seemed to come out of nowhere. The sad thing is, I’ve never seen good Mariners – so “good enough” Mariners is my default. LOL

      Smoak…I dunno. I liked him where he was, but if this is more solid, why the heck not. It’s better than the Griffey experiment at DH, that is for sure. I would just hate to deprive Smoak of 1B playing time, if he was truly meant for greatness at that position.

      • Blaine Wright says:

        I don’t like the idea of playing Smoak at DH. I got blasted at another site once for saying that I wasn’t convinced he was a great hitter, almost a sure thing, but I haven’t seen it much. Sure he had nagging little injuries (apparently he’s all thumbs), but he didn’t constantly tear things up when healthy considering he’d had some big league experience at Texas already.

        If he can hit, I’m happy with him at first. If he can’t, do we really want another DH who can’t hit? And how content is he going to be to spend his years before free agency as a DH?

        Lastly, if we sign a big-money hitter on a multi-year contract, why should I think that will end well? We always seem to have a good percent of payroll tied up in long-term contracts we just can’t wait to get rid of, and another one could just cripple the team for a few more years.

        Don’t know why I like Carp so much. Maybe because he’s one of the few bbatters who looked like he had a clue rather than seeming to be wondering where he was and why someone was throwing things at him. Hmmm . . .maybe I can stop them with this stick they gave me!

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