Some Sunday Links

There has been actual news over the past few days, but unfortunately I have not been in a position to write about it until this morning.

It’s old news now, but Wilson Ramos was rescued in a rain of gunfire and drama by Venezuelan police the other day. I heard some audio of his homecoming on NPR last night, and it brought a little bit of water to my eye. Apparently his abductors might want to find another line of work, as they left their SUV in a place that made it easy for the police to find them. But at least Ramos is back home and safe and still has both of his ears. Jon Paul Morosi has an interview with an unnamed player up about playing in the Venezuelan leagues. For the most part, these guys are safe, but Ramos apparently has a lot of nice clothes and sticks out a bit. If I was a ball player in South or Central America, I’d dress like a slob constantly.

In Phillies news, Jonathan Papelbon got himself into a ridiculous amount of money, and set the bar for closer contracts. I like this move for a bunch of reasons, but the main two are simply that now the Phillies have a really good closer, and now the Mariners don’t have to deal with Papelbon on any sort of regular basis. I do feel sympathy for Red Sox fans, however; I haven’t had the chance to talk to him yet, but I’m sure my friend Eric must be a little upset by this move. Maybe our friends at Section 36 can fill me in a little regarding the general fan climate surrounding this situation?

The Mariners do not seem to be starting this offseason on the right foot, signing two marginal relievers. I really don’t have much to say about this, as I am unfamiliar with both of these guys. From what Jeff – who has far more time to deal with this stuff than I do – says about both of them, it sounds like neither of them will ever see Safeco Field. I’m not sure what the purpose of this move might be, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, either. I am eagerly awaiting the winter meetings, to see if the Ms make a splash, or if we’re going to be quiet until the last minute, sort of like last year.

Finally, yes; it has been a year since Dave Niehaus passed away on November 10, 2010. I still miss him, still get a little choked up when I hear his voice on the MLB Network or anywhere, and remember the memorial from last year that a bunch of us went to. I never got the opportunity to have my photo taken with the statue of him that now sits over right center field, but I plan to rectify that in 2012. Rest in peace, Dave. There will never be another one like you.

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7 Responses to Some Sunday Links

  1. toosoxy says:

    Red Sox fans are broken hearted about Papelbon! At least I am. Hopefully, the Papel-grieving will be swift. And crazy about the Venezuelan kidnapping! Just… crazy.

  2. Those 2 relievers, not a big deal, probably just Jack Z building a reliever pile (As Jeff/Matthew have put it) again like last year. When you’re kinda strapped for cash, seems like a good way to build the bullpen on the cheap and get good value for money spent. If I remember right, only League and Aardsma were paid anything significant, and Wright was the only other member paid above minimum, and it was less than $1 million if I remember right. Our bullpen ended up being 5th in the AL in FIP, 16th overall, 3rd in the AL in ERA and 12th overall. Excellent strategy if Z can pull it off again.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Yeah, but per Jeff these guys aren’t good. LOL

      • Well, yeah, but that’s the point of the pile. You can collect a bunch of dudes that are unwanted and you might find something useful. The descriptions make them seem like they have some upside, however slim that might be. Remember, our bullpen rocked guys like Aaron Laffey, Jamey Wright, etc., Some guys nobody wanted really, yet were useful for what we paid. Also, Royce Ring nearly made the team and that came out of nowhere. The theory of the pile really being, collect a whole bunch, increase chances of finding something you can use.

        Also something that caught my attention, that dude that turned down Boston’s higher offer sounds similar to Chris Ray last year, in that he feels like he has a better chance to make the big league club here.

  3. Also, F word press and twitter account authentication.

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