CBA? More Like JBF.

I know I’m really late on the uptake here, but this is just stupid. CBA stands for “Collective Bargaining Agreement”, right? I cannot imagine that teams who relied on any level of international scouting would have agreed to this. I just read Dave’s article this morning, but the more time I have to sit and think about it, the angrier I get. And the fact that Cameron brings up the Steinbrenner name only gets me started thinking about words like “collusion” and “conspiracy” – and I’m not even normally of that mindset! But this may get me started thinking about baseball in much the same way that I think about the Occupy movement. The Mariners and other smaller market teams like them may have just been turned into the 99%. Or at least the 60% – though if this proves anything, it’s that I’m not great at math. But I digress…thanks, MLB, for hoisting a giant middle finger at all the work and cultivation of relationships both business and personal that the Mariners have strived to cement the past few years. What a ridiculous decision. Looks like we’re not alone in disliking this new situation, either. My immediate reaction is that some of the teams involved were given some sort of ultimatum unless they signed off on this plan. But I wasn’t there, I don’t know. The whole thing is just eye-roll inducing.

The Mariners have announced their Spring Training schedule a few days ago, and I was originally going to include it in the last post, but decided that would make my thoughts on Halman seem a little more like an afterthought, and I didn’t want to do that. So since I deleted the links out of my email, here’s Jeff’s version of what’s going to happen down in Peoria next year. It’s certainly more entertaining than what the Mariners actually sent me, but I won’t hold that against the Mariners. Talking about doctors touching baseball players is not for everyone.

Lastly , and I’ve mentioned this on Twitter at least once in the past 48 hours, but expect the photos here to improve tenfold. I’ve had a chance to use my camera out in the field (literally, my parents live in high desert farmland), and the difference between the new one and the one I have used previously is mind-blowing. Sitting in the far reaches of Safeco Field will no longer present the same problems that it has in the past as far as being able to get decent photos. Things are about to get real.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and is enjoying the Apple Cup today. I didn’t go to either school, so I have no stake in the game, but may the best team win, etc., etc..

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