Goodbye Josh Lueke and PBTNL…

…and hello John Jaso. Dave was quick on the draw here.

I am sad about the loss of Lueke. After all we dealt with regarding Lueke’s past after the Cliff Lee trade, I really wanted him to get the chance to prove himself more on the field. I never wrote anything about Lueke’s previous legal issues because my opinion on such matters is rooted in personal experience, and while that may sound as if I have a certain view on the matter, I think it would surprise most people that that is simply not the case. Plus, I would have been spitting into a very large wind, and I simply didn’t feel like adding to that particular mess. Anyone who wants to know my opinion can simply ask me. I have no problem being honest about it, but I am not going to deal with it here. Suffice to say, while the initial shock was just that, the more I read about the situation, the more I was not quite sure that ‘outrage’ was the proper response. I have since been on Lueke’s side, and wanted him to do well here, even if to only lightly gain the trust of the fans. I think he accomplished that, but would have liked to see him here longer to grow and perform as a pitcher and human being. He had some good outings, and some really bad ones, but that pretty much summed up the 2011 Mariners, now, didn’t it? Unfortunately, I have the feeling that fans of other teams may not afford him the same attitude. I wish him a lot of luck, wherever he goes. Over 32.2 innings pitched in the majors, he had a WAR of 0.3 last season, so there’s that.

Of John Jaso I know only what I just read at USS Mariner at the link above. The other thing I know about Jaso is that you will likely see his name spelled “John Jason” here multiple times. I will do my best to not commit that error, but let’s just say you’ve been warned.


EDIT: Arrgh! please forgive me. I just drove for six hours from Oregon, and I guess I’m a little more foggy than I thought I was…

The acquisition of Jaso likely means that Miguel Olivo is not long for Seattle. Adam Moore should be nicely healed soon, and he and Jaso can duke it out for supremacy next spring. Based on what Dave says and what I saw of Adam Moore before he broke himself, I’m totally OK with this. I miss Adam Moore, and want him to stay here. If we could get a catcher that could hit well with any regularity and take care of business behind the plate? I may be rendered speechless. I like Olivo, and I’m glad that I got to see him play firsthand, rather than just hearing the rumors or secondhand accounts of his abilities. If the organization decides or he opts to stay in Tacoma (seriously, I need to get more of a grasp on the understanding of major and minor league contracts, I’m terrible at it), that’d be fine too. A little depth at backstop is never a bad idea.Β 

I’m absolutely certain I’m forgetting to talk about something else, but I’m not going to force it. I need to sleep in my own bed and have a recovery day before I can think clearly.Β 

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8 Responses to Goodbye Josh Lueke and PBTNL…

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    This seems like a good idea, since the M’s depth at catcher was pretty thin and their pitching depth is pretty good. My guess is that Jaso and Olivo will be a platoon, and Moore will be the primary backup in Tacoma. Or maybe they will trade Olivo for Fielder? πŸ˜‰

    Hope that Lueke does well in Tampa.

  2. Megan Shear says:

    Oh, well, yeah, of course! lol

  3. Adam Moore hasn’t yet shown that he deserves a job in the big. In light of that, plus his recovering injury, I think best situation for him and the team is to have him start in Tacoma. Get his feet wet again, and give him time to work on things. Maybe have him and Jaso as our backstops in 2013. Olivo is cheap enough that it’s not a big deal to keep him around for 2012, his option will almost definitely get declined after the year though.

  4. Megan Shear says:

    Haha! Well, that’s an opinion, as opposed to an interview with someone. I really wish that Baker would abandon editorializing, but I realize that is what journalism has turned into these days.

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