Now Taking Photo Requests (HOF/Cooperstown)

Things have been a little crazy at work lately, and more than a little quiet on the Mariners front, unless you consider the nasty nasty rumor about Brandon League being available. There is some news about old Mariners, like Rob Johnson taking a trip to New York (or wherever the Mets’ triple A affiliate might reside), and some news about players that have been wistfully considered possible Mariners (Yu Darvish talking to Texas, Prince Fielder being quiet everywhere about everything), but mostly it’s still quiet. Since everyone else is chiming in about Fielder, for the record, I am just about to the point of not caring. This whole thing reminds me of the last half-season of Walking Dead – that was a really slow season. The plot sort of plodded along, people who should have been having serious discussions with each other quickly weren’t, and even though there was a tension building up through most of the episodes that were aired, it wasn’t until the very last 5 minutes of the mid-season finale where the viewer knew something terribly dramatic was going to happen. Given that comparison, I am waiting for the dramatic part. For now, we’re being forced to hang out in this purgatory where someone’s pregnant and it might be one guy and it might be the other, and nobody knows where Sophia is, and ZOMGZOMBIES!

But enough of my complaining about the lack of action for the Mariners, because I am currently on the near-eve of my departure east. Tomorrow late, I will board a red-eye headed for Philadelphia, where I might see if I can nab some Phillies swag (fingers crossed) in the airport during our layover. From there, I take an exhaustive small flight to Albany, NY, where we should arrive at around 11 in the morning EST. I’m not happy about any of it, even though the whole red-eye flight was my suggestion, so that Tom and I would not miss family time. I’m regretting it now, but it will make the holidays a little more bearable if we don’t have to deal with Christmas-Day travel.

So far, the plan for the Cooperstown trip is to travel from Bennington, VT to Cooperstown the afternoon of December 27th. This is also David Aardsma’s birthday, so be sure and wish him a happy birthday. We will try and go to the Ommegang Brewery, depending on what time it is when we get there, how the weather is (it’s supposed to be clear-ish), and what our travel route might be, though looking at aerial maps, it doesn’t look like there are a lot of options road-wise – you’re either there or you’re not. I’m hoping to have some dinner (or lunch, again depending on when we wind up leaving Vermont) at a place called Alex and Ika, which looks about as close as we might be able to get in C-Town to a brewpub-style restaurant. We don’t know where we’re going to stay just yet, but since both of us are/were musicians, the concept of driving until you find a place to sleep is not an issue. On the 28th, it’s up bright and early to go to the Hall of Fame.

So what do you, as readers and friends, want to see from the Hall of Fame? Is there something you’ve heard of that you thought might be cool? Let me know and I will take a photo of it and bring it back here to the website. I will also be trying to live-Tweet my experience as much as possible (including flight and other stuff from the area, because isn’t that why everyone uses Twitter anyway), and will attempt to post photos directly to my Twitter account. The widget will be moved up to the side of the blog here as soon as I get done with this post, where it will stay until I get time to move it back, so if you happen to drop by here and are not following me on Twitter, there will be some photos and blurbs about my trip here on the blog. Should make the SPAM I receive for the next week pretty interesting.

So let me know what it is you’d like to see, and I’ll deliver to the best of my ability; ask here or on Twitter, either way will work.

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2 Responses to Now Taking Photo Requests (HOF/Cooperstown)

  1. John says:

    No photo request, but pour a little Ommegang on the ground for Dave when you get to Cooperstown.

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