Cooperstown Eve Eve

As  I type this out, it is just turning 9pm EST, and while most folks who read this are still well up and around, I am maybe about an hour or so from sleep. I am hanging out with the family watching Tony Bourdain on the Travel Channel, drinking wine, and trying not to think too hard about our travels tomorrow, lest I be unable to sleep.

So the plan tomorrow is to get up with my sister-in-law’s boyfriend, and he will drive us into Bennington, VT to Enterprise to grab the car so we can start the three-or-so-hour trek to Cooperstown. Normally it would take maybe two hours and change, but there is always the chance that we’ll have to stop for landmarks or road signs or whatever; I’m leaving nothing to chance. We are planning on lunch at Cooperstown Hot Dog, which is owned by members of Joe DiMaggio’s family. I have been debating this for the past few days, but I think I have rested on a half pastrami sandwich and a dog of some sort. I will not be eating breakfast.

Not much else to report for now, I’m just trying to remain calm, and enjoy the evening. Tomorrow will be an interesting day. Keep an eye on my Twitter account, because the live-Tweeting will start as soon as I get coffee in my face.

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