Fielder Fatigue

EDIT: Ignore the Pujols-to-Florida thing…I need to go back to bed.


Happy New Year! I hope everyone is safe and had a good New Year’s Eve. I did my part by giving up the fight against jet lag and falling asleep, mid-gathering, at around 11.30. I was surrounded by a few close friends and woke up long enough to see the fireworks go off at the Space Needle on TV, wish people a happy 2012, and fall right back to sleep again. I spent all of yesterday indoors doing as little as possible, and I still don’t think I’ve caught up after my traveling just yet.

And the Mariners have remained consistent over the past week and change by making no moves and having no news to tell (aside from the George Sherrill thing, which I am still happy about). In my short fandom, I think this may be the least newsy offseason I’ve encountered. I’m kind of OK with this, but it is making keeping a blog up a little difficult. All my peripheral teams have pretty much done what they’re going to do, there are no more really big free agents left out there, though there are quite a few without homes.

I have to say I’m actually a little surprised that Prince Fielder has not been signed – not just by us, but by anyone. I know that the asking price is high, and that Scott Boras is a pain for pretty much any team to deal with, but after Albert Pujols went to Florida, I figured Fielder wouldn’t be too far behind in securing a home, even if it meant a panic buy from someone (or especially if it meant that). But at this point, I’m pretty much done with it. I’m not in the camp that believes that 2012 is wasted without Fielder, and if we don’t wind up getting him, I still plan to buy my tickets at FanFest this year. I know that there are those who will give up on the Mariners if they don’t make this move, and maybe some have already given up on them, but I feel that is a pretty shortsighted way to support one’s team. Those same people would undoubtedly be first in line to complain if Fielder had a bad first season, or even a complete collapse, and they would be calling for members of the front office’s heads. Again (doesn’t it get tiring, by the way, always needing something to complain about? Just watch some freaking baseball!)

But that’s not me; you won’t find me saying that the Mariners “don’t want” to win if they don’t sign Fielder, because I simply don’t believe it. I saw an article yesterday (I’m not going to bother linking to it) talking about how, if the Ms don’t make a giant move this season, they are nothing more than Felix and garlic fries. I hate to break it to the writer of this article, but I go to Safeco to see the Mariners play baseball; not to eat, not to drink, and not specifically to see Felix, but to actually watch baseball. Crazy, huh? Also, what a way to spit on the rest of the team; I guess Ichiro, Brendan Ryan, Brandon League, and Mike Carp did so little last year that we’ve been boiled down to a pitcher and food. Nice.

So yeah, I’m just going to say it – I no longer care where Prince Fielder signs. If he signs here great, and if he signs for a decent contract even better; but I’m over waiting for it, and I’m done holding my breath or being up or down over this situation. In fact, after reading USS Mariner this morning, I kind of like this guy. And whatever happened to everyone’s excitement over the young talent that we already have? Did the fan base as a whole just decide they no longer care about Justin Smoak or Dustin Ackley? Did I miss a memo? I don’t mean to sound annoyed, I think I’m just tired of the concept that we need to be “rescued” by Fielder, and that if Fielder does not find his way into Mariners blue, that we are absolutely doomed for 2012. I’m not buying that. Maybe it’s just that the winter days are wearing on me and that as we are coming down the stretch to pitchers and catchers reporting, and I just want to see some baseball. But if I never hear Fielder’s name again, it will be too soon.

Sorry to sound all “get off my lawn” about things, but I can’t deal with the pro-Fielder negativity. So get off my lawn.

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6 Responses to Fielder Fatigue

  1. Section 36 says:

    I’m also amazed that Fielder didn’t sign 24 hours after Pujols to one of the teams that suddenly only had one guy left worth signing and all the money they may have given to Pujols to spare. How Fielder isn’t on the Cardinals, Mets, or Marlins by now amazes me.

    As for a quiet offseason, they can sneak up on you. While Fielder is a rare buy, he doesn’t fix everything. If the team is nothing else other than Felix, having Fielder won’t help you…unless you like walks. Maybe the best idea really is to let all the lesser stars build off each other. Although, Fielder would be a nice kick in the pants.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Yeah – I don’t disagree that a Fielder acquisition would galvanize the fans and the team both, but I also don’t think that it’s necessary. Maybe my bar is too low – but it seems like a lot of Ms fans got hyped up during the 2009 season and then the whole Cliff Lee episode, and now it’s just anger and winning at any cost that is what is on fans’ minds. I have to think that if our FO really wanted this guy, it’d be a done deal already. Where Zduriencik is concerned, though, I try not to buy into the rumors – things have been really tight since he got here, and there is no reason to think that they’d be suddenly leaking info now.

      • Yeah, you say you’re over it, but just like me you’ll wake up tomorrow and check to see if anybody is tweeting on the Fielder subject, you’ll head over to MLB Trade Rumors, then if there’s nothing you’ll say, I’m done with this again! I’m sorry Megan, it’s like a disease. We love our team and we want the best and it’s not to often we get what we want.

        I, like you, loved our team last year and had a lot of fun watching, but it’s no secret that attendance was way down. I think it will go down again this year unless we have someone like Fielder who people will pay to come see at least once.

        Thanks for the update to your site too!


  2. Megan Shear says:

    No! I will fight the power! lol

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