World’s Largest Thermometer?

So this happened today while I wasn’t looking. I just tried desperately to search my own site to see if I could find a picture of Aaron Heilman, because I know I’ve taken one. For some reason I want to remember him as wearing some aviator glasses and a serious expression, sitting on the dugout dais with Tyler Walker (remember him?) Franklin Gutierrez, and Dave Niehaus…and Rick Rizzs from 2009’s FanFest. Or maybe only two of those, or a combination thereof. But I can’t find it. This is like a dropper full of water being sent to us in Death Valley, and of course it’s a minor league situation, but as Jeff points out, Heilman has pretty much gone nuts since he left Seattle, after having thrown precisely 0 innings for us, but a bunch of innings elsewhere. It could be bad, it could be good, it could be Aaron Heilman showing up at FanFest again and being dealt prior to Spring Training. Again. Aaron Heilman!

Other than that, today I’ve seen some minor he said/she said (but mostly he said) over the Mariners payroll, and boy, oh boy that’s not something I’m interested in dealing with here or anywhere else. Even the idea of talking about the payroll makes me feel like I’m in a dysfunctional marriage. And really, I just can’t bring myself to care. It’s an aspect of baseball I’m just not interested in. I can barely deal with my own bills, let alone someone else’s. I prefer to leave the Mariners’ money to the Mariners. It’s better that way, and keeps me headache-free.

And now, back to the desert…

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2 Responses to World’s Largest Thermometer?

  1. Helen Ormsby says:

    You hit it out of the ball park. All this discussion is indeed like being in the middle of a dysfunctional marriage. Keep me sane, Megan, until baseball begins again.

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