Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Maybe I will settle down later, but right now, on two hours of sleep and an entire night of being interrupted while trying to obtain said sleep, and after a full day of work, I am absolutely in no way, shape, or form pleased with this decision, nor am I ready to deal with it. At all. Ever. This has actually made me angry at the internet, so I’m going to have some dinner, knock back a few cans of Guiness, and hopefully when I wake up, this will have been a really nasty dream, and this blog post won’t even be here. And to the Yankees?!!? Unreal, Mariners, un-freaking-real. Feel free to squeeze out some lemon juice into the gaping wound you’ve just left by cutting out my heart with this one. Not cool.


*Please note that I would put the Mariners on notice if the stupid online generator wasn’t busted. Ooooo! I want to kick a puppy! And I LOVE puppies!

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2 Responses to Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. Blaine Wright says:

    I like Pineda, too. I didn’t think they’d really trade him. But if this guy can really hit and help us score some runs I’d rather see him play here than see Pineda losing game after game because we just can’t score enough for him to win no matter how well he pitches. That’s really hard to watch with my favorite pitchers. I just hope the difference between hitting in the new Yankee Stadium toy ballpark and hitting here doesn’t finish him off.
    And thanks for posting about the trade. If it hadn’t shown up in my email I would have missed the opportunity to stay awake half the night wondering if we just got suckered or not. Do you know how hard it is to handle news like this for a guy who doesn’t drink!

    • Megan Shear says:

      OK, that last bit made me laugh a little. 😉

      I’m sure that once I’ve had some time to sit back and absorb all of this, I’ll feel – if not good – at least a little better about the situation. I just really (REALLLLLLLY) wanted to see more of Pineda in a Mariners uniform. And I would not have been so offended if it hadn’t been the Yankees. This was mostly the first thing that I thought immediately after I verified with LL what I was seeing in my Twitter feed. Rough way to end what was already a pretty nasty day. :/

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