Can We Keep Him?

Yes, yes we can. In fact, we can keep all three of them. Your mileage may vary, but I am very happy with this news. I am perplexed by the League vs Vargas dollar amount, since Vargas will undoubtedly be doing more work, but I find myself wondering if this means that David Aardsma will not be sought after by the Mariners this year? Or if they’re just taking their time to throw an incentive contract at him based on his continuing rehab…or if I even know what I’m talking about. All I know is, cherries aren’t that expensive, and I’m sure Jason Vargas has always been able to afford cherries. If I have cherries and saffron in my kitchen, Jason Vargas surely does. Or at least cherries; saffron isn’t for everyone. I’m just glad that there is a little stability in the world of the Mariners bullpen/starting pitching, and while nothing is ever guaranteed in baseball, this at least is a move I can get behind.

It looks like we might be seeing Jack Cust again, but not the way one might think. The Houston Astros are very brave to give a 33-year old batter with Cust’s line any sort of contract, particularly one that will most certainly see him as a position player, but who am I to complain, it’s not our issue anymore. I never had any grievances with Cust. Being upset with Jack Cust would be like being upset with those dead optical cells you see if you look at a sunny blue sky. They’re there when you look up, and gone when you start paying attention again to whatever it was you were doing when you weren’t staring at the sky. If I’m making with the full disclosure, I’m not sure I remember off the top of my hand that we released him as soon as August. That was approximately how much his tenure here affected me. You’d even think I’d remember the Phillies grabbing him; but he only lasted like a week in that organization, and that was right around the time my laptop died, so I had stopped trying to pay super close attention because I really couldn’t.  I don’t cry for Cust though – if he finds his career grinding to a halt, he is definitely using his powers for good off the field, and that’s pretty cool.

I spent about three minutes this afternoon getting excited over this, until I realized that Joe Saunders is not John Lackey. Then I realized that John Lackey might not even be John Lackey anymore, and I calmed down a bit. OK, a lot. It can be amazing what playoff games will print indelibly into one’s mind. John Lackey is still in Boston, and it has been several years since he complained to Mike Scioscia about being taken out of a game against New York after getting in a jam, and you could see the pain on his face, how badly he wanted to stay in the game, and it made me kind of like him. Then we discovered that Scioscia really should have left Lackey in the game, and the LA loss made the situation worse. I was rooting for the Angels. I just admitted that freely, you’re welcome.

Randy Johnson and Dan Wilson will be inducted into the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame before a Kansas City Royals game on July 28th this year. I may have to go. Though the Mariners Hall of Fame is not the Hall of Fame, I am guessing that this might mean something to the players themselves, and to Mariners fans in general – at least a little. Since there will only be six members after their induction, it seems to be an elite club. Congratulations to them both. I will give thought to attending, but that’s a bit far into the future to be thinking about right now. Instead, I’m just going to sit here and stare out my window, waiting for the snow that will never come.

EDIT; it has just been brought to my attention that the difference in salary for Vargas and League is due to the arbitration years they are both in. I’m sure this is old news for anyone reading, but I fear I may never fully grasp the contract system in this game.

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2 Responses to Can We Keep Him?

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    I was pretty sure that the M’s would reach an agreement with Vargas, League and Kelley, and the amounts sound fairly close to the estimates I have seen on various websites. However, what if Vargas doesn’t like cherries? 😉

    Am kind of curious if the M’s are still thinking about offering a contract to Aardsma, and I guess we will have to wait and see. Would like to see him in a Mariners uniform again.

    Cust as an Astro just seems strange to me for some reason. I liked him, but it didn’t seem that he was all that effective as a DH last year.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Not really – and now the Astros have what might be a completely useless outfielder, which makes me wonder if the FO there knows what running a ball club is. :/ I don’t mean to be jerky about it, but it just seems like a strange choice for an NL club.

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