Kevin Millwood Gives Me a Headache

If I had any reason to have ever learned Photoshop, I would have accompanied this post with a picture of a map of the United States, with little Orioles and Mariners logos in a flight pattern between Seattle and Baltimore (with stops in Atlanta and Pittsburgh), because it seems like the two teams continue to shuffle players around like cards. Our latest ex-Oriole of course, is Kevin Millwood. Millwood was given a minor league contract with a Spring Training invite. I find the fact that he bounced around between the Yankees and Red Sox Triple A teams last year amusing, but both USS Mariner and Lookout Landing have tagged him with a high chance of making the roster out of ST, so who am I to argue? I do like Dave’s assessment that it’s not over until it’s over, and I think whatever move is made next will indeed be one that nobody sees coming. It may be a move that blows our socks off, it may be a small move with massive payback in the future, but I don’t think the fat lady in the Mariners jersey has sung just yet.

Aaand that pretty much ends it for me here today. I was going to write more, but I woke up at 9.45 with a headache that has not gone away. It is now 2pm. I’m not asking for sympathy here, but I should put it out there that we had to take my cat to the emergency vet last night at around 11.30, and I have not slept well. As far as this post is concerned, there is no real point to it other than to say that I’m happy about Millwood, I hope he makes the starting rotation, and now I’m going back to laying down on the couch and trying to get rid of feeling like I got hit in the head with a rubber mallet.

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