‘Tis That Time of Year Again

The annual Mariners commercials are here!

It is actually a little more difficult this year to choose my favorite, as I have only watched all of them once. Why don’t I watch them again, all three of you might ask? Because I’m going to have to watch all of them, a gajillion times in various order, for the next 6 months, starting tomorrow night. So I think one run through is good for now. They are, as they most always are, amusing, but there is something about them that I like more than last year; they go back to the “fun” Mariners of 2009, the club that gets along, the club that makes jokes with each other. Gone is the acknowledgement from the front office that the fanbase should continue to be patient with the organization like last year. There is no player in this set of commercials who is really singled out, ala Cliff Lee from 2010. There is Ichiro, but he has taken a bit of a step back in favor of letting the focus be on players like Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak, and new guy Jesus Montero. A little civic pride is dangled out there in “A Seattle Welcome”, and Brendan Ryan gets to ham it up in “Impressions”. Felix talks to Eric Wedge through a creepy puppet, and Ackley gets a bit of encouragement Rocky-style. It looks fun. The guys look like they’re having fun, and that makes me want to have fun. It makes me want to watch a Seattle Mariners game, because these players look like they’re having a good time and want to play some baseball.

And that’s pretty cool.

Also, Justin Smoak punches a tree. Your argument is invalid.

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