Don’t Shoot the (Randy) Messenger.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to say about the departure of Hong-Chih Kuo yesterday morning, but there’s just not that much to say. We got our look at Kuo, it made us all collectively wince, and Kuo was set free to attempt to pursue his career (or not) in climes other than the Pacific Northwest. I am sad about this, because I really wanted him to do well here and regain whatever level of ability he might have once had, and maybe turn into a nice little single-inning guy here and there for us. But it just wasn’t going to work out. What I am glad for is that the Mariners didn’t drag this out like they did with Ian Snell. There was no down-to-Tacoma, up-to-Seattle movement, no waiting to see if Kuo would snap out of his ills and settle in soon. I know that there is a significant difference in circumstances, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder if we’d be taking that ride again. But it’s over. The Ms simply called it a day and released a pitcher who was simply not capable of helping us this year. The circumstances were not pleasant, but what happened had to happen. I probably sound a lot more upset than I actually am about Kuo the player; my sadness is generated for Kuo the person. I wish him well.

Tried to watch the Rockies game on Sunday, but between running errands for a seemingly never-ending home improvement project, and a rain delay (and subsequent stoppage of all play), I got maybe an inning or two in. A loss against the Cubs, a win today against the Reds, and I can just barely believe that we are only a week and some hours away from Opening Day in Tokyo. As for myself, there has of course been no change in the programming for either ROOT Sports or MLB Network on the dates and time slots of the Mariners/Tigers or Mariners/Giants games, so I have been trying to dig into finding a site online that will stream it, but thus far have had no luck. I would happily pay for it if MLB would post a PPV feed, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about that, either. I’ll be going to a friend’s house on Saturday for dinner, having no other options at the moment. That is very disappointing to me. I still plan to have a crazy week next week sleep-schedule-wise with the games against Oakland that will indeed be on TV, but I am extremely disappointed in the MLB’s lack of interest in showing these games to a US audience. I am fully aware that there could be contractual issues preventing them from doing this, but given that the Mariners are an MLB franchise, I find it very strange that this is being completely glossed over on the US side.

Enough of that. One more game tomorrow, and then the guys go to Tokyo and meet these folks:

Photo courtesy

Here are some fight songs for the Hanshin Tigers, so you can practice along. The boys might even run into this guy!

I have nothing else to say here. The next 7 days should prove interesting, and I’m looking forward to the reports coming out of Japan on how everyone’s doing. Hopefully there will also be some entertaining Tweets from the guys, though I’m sure that will wholly depend on smart phone rates and whatnot. Not sure how all of that works, exactly. I’m starting to feel really good about at least the beginning of the season, I just need it to start now.

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