Mariners Might Not Hit…


Thanks to my friend Kelly, whose father works for the company, for the link. With as much waste as is generated every year by sports stadiums, it’s great to see the Ms carrying on what I have viewed as a long Pacific Northwest tradition of ecological friendship. I know very little about solar energy in practice, and it seems like there might be more bang for the buck if the panels were installed on the roof of the stadium rather than the parking garage, but 400,000 KW hours doesn’t sound like anything to shake a stick at. Here is another link about the project, due to be up and running by the home opener on April 13th.

Now if InSpec could put little solar panels on the bats to generate a little slugging power, we’d be all set.

EDIT: Aaaand the Mariners’ own MLBlog has the story from five days ago. I am destined to be behind schedule on everything this year.

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4 Responses to Mariners Might Not Hit…

  1. Wayne says:

    Nice! I think they should have plug-ins in the dugout like they do for electric cars for extra power, also.

  2. Kelly says:

    Yes, but you – unlike the Mariner’s blog – at least linked to articles giving credit to InSpec, the contractors putting it in (and who I have that familial “in” with). That makes you infinitely cooler and more aware.

    …what? I can be biased in MULTIPLE ways here! πŸ˜‰

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