Mariners Take Series on Jackie Robinson Day

Yesterday was a little, uh, exciting, after my morning post, so I took the evening off. I watched the game with some friends, and we grilled some chicken skewers and chatted and I tried to chill out on my “Friday” as much as possible. Had a few online run-ins with people who chose to miss the point of my complaints about the home opener, but that is going to have to be their problem, not mine. Having someone marginalize you when they don’t fully understand what they’re talking about is always frustrating, but it’s not something I care enough about to attempt to fix. “Haters gonna hate”, as the kids say these days.

I woke up really early this morning, and debated going to the game, but it became apparently that my bank account was really not into that idea. I am trying to save some money to buy some replacement furniture, so spending money on a game was not much of an option. I had another opportunity offered to me, but by the time that occurred I had already kind of mentally set up my Sunday, so I had to decline. My first season game is the first Saturday in May. I wish I could get back there sooner and sort of have a do-over for Friday, but I just don’t think I have the time or money to make that happen.

Today was Jackie Robinson Day. I love Jackie Robinson Day because hey, Jackie Robinson. I hate Jackie Robinson Day because if I’m not terribly familiar with the players on the opposing team, everyone’s wearing number 42, and I’m hosed. Hate is too strong a word, though. So maybe I’m just lightly annoyed by Jackie Robinson Day, while at the same time thinking it’s really cool. Let’s go with that.

Brendan Ryan got things started off right for the Ms in the second inning by pulling a ball over the left field hand-operated scoreboard, driving both himself and Kyle Seager home. Justin Smoak followed up with another one in the third inning, a screamer into the right field lower deck. The A’s were not interested in letting us get too far ahead, however, and tied it up on the 5th. Blake Beavan allowed both Kila Ka’iahue and Anthony Recker on base via a single and an HBP, respectively, and Eric Sogard hit a home run on a 90MPH fastball left in the top middle of the strike zone.

The Ms did not leave the A’s their lead for long. Ichiro took an outfield double away from A’s pitcher Graham Godfrey, sending Chone Figgins home and Dustin Ackley to third. Jesus Montero, the last batter of the inning, took 7 pitches of speeds running the gamut from 75MPH to 90MPH before being called out on strikes, but a 3-5 game in our favor is much more cozy than a tied game.

Montero was evidently kind of hot about the strike call, because he got into it with the home plate umpire for a few moments at the beginning of the 5th inning. I saw some yelling and Eric Wedge shaking his head from the dugout, and then business as usual, so whatever it was that was said or done was resolved fairly quickly.

Blake Beavan lasted 7 full innings before he was replaced by Tom Wilhelmsen. Wilhelmsen gave a walk to Coco Crisp, but that was as far as things went; Seth Smith moved Crisp to second with a ground out, but Yoenis Cespedes struck out swinging and Josh Reddick grounded out to first.

It was all Brandon League’s game in the top of the 9th, and I was thinking that it wasn’t really an easy one, but in retrospect, I guess it wasn’t all that bad. A little drama maybe, but not enough to cause any worry. League made Cliff Pennington ground out, but Kila Ka’aihue (by the end of the season, I will do that without looking) obtained first on a line drive to left field. Daric Barton took over Anthony Recker’s position in the lineup and got to first one what could have possibly been a game-ending double play. Eric Sogard saw only two pitches before he lined out suddenly to Dustin Ackley covering the gap between first and second base, and before I really had any time to think about it, the game was over, the Ms take the series from Oakland, and I get a complete day tomorrow to just reset everything.

I think the next game I am going to try and make it to will be the Justin Smoak Train night on Friday the 4th of May. I have a season ticket for the 5th, and that is all very well and good, but I just figured out earlier today that I should have a train car for every year I’ve been a fan; I think. I seem to be missing one or two, but I don’t know if it’s because I really don’t have them all, or if one of the cats might be responsible for pulling them off the shelf in our spare room. I’ll figure it out.

Everyone have a nice day off. Reset on Tuesday, the Cleveland Indians come and visit. We’re already quite aware of how we do against the A’s and the Rangers, let’s see what the AL Central has to offer.

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