Revisitation Privileges

I didn’t write on Wednesday because I was tired, and I didn’t even make it through yesterday’s game because I was even more tired. I was so tired in fact, that the last thing  I remember before falling asleep on the couch is the 2nd inning, then Felix’s victory scream after his last strikeout in the top of the 8th inning (maybe?), then hearing something either on TV or the rest of the house, and realizing that the game was over. In my haze, I saw a score of 0-1, so  I went to bed think that we had won. A text conversation with my friend Jessica this morning revealed that in fact we had lost 2-1. I was immediately glad I had not gone on Twitter to talk about how happy I was to take the series from the Indians. To say I’m disappointed in Brandon League is putting it lightly; but he’s not the only one. Our bats obviously didn’t do anything against Cleveland, either. Not like on Wednesday or even the night before. I just saw this article over at Lookout Landing. This bit pretty much reflects my reaction when I heard the news:

Almost an entire game. All that was left after Felix was three outs, but we trust Brandon League to get three outs, because Brandon League is good, and three outs aren’t hard. When Felix left the mound – when Felix shuffled off the mound, roared and lurched and pumped off the mound – that was it. It never even crossed my mind that Brandon League could blow it. I had forgotten blown saves. I remember them now.

It’s the beginning of the year, but I totally get this. Even as I am happy for the new season, I am apprehensive about it. Not for me, but for the team. I don’t have much time right now to go into that thought, but I might hold onto it and revisit soon.

Today, though, I am very much awake and ready to go back to Safeco and see some baseball. The White Sox’s Chris Sale goes up against Hector Noesi, and though I have not really had a good amount of time to warm up to Noesi, I am excited about going back to the field and trying this again. I just feel like if I have a good experience tonight, then I can go into the rest of the year feeling positive and really looking forward to things, like I can just settle in and enjoy the rest of the season. Maybe that sounds ridiculous and trite, but I just want a regular night at the ballpark. I want to be able to give it another go; I want to be able to write a happy post about an early-year experience at a ball game. In about 4 hours, I get my chance.

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