New Feature: Fan Focus. Help a Girl Out?

I have very little to say about the sweep. I listened to the post-game show today hosted by our very own Matt Pitman, and my biggest conflict right now is Brendan Ryan. My personal issue is simple; I don’t feel like we can risk having him out of the lineup, because we can’t afford having any sort of gap at shortstop. But the batting issue is getting a little out of control. That was pretty much what Matt said on-air, and it totally reflects my present dilemma. As long as Ryan maintains his defensive abilities, I am never going to want him to go away. But he’s got to hit. He just has to. I feel like maybe if he could hit one, just a single (nothing fancy, let’s not get crazy), things might go back tomorrow. I am hoping perhaps he will do this tomorrow. Justin Smoak should probably do this as well. After all, it’s his Smoakamotive Train Night! I will keep my fingers crossed, and hope the boys do some damage on their home grass against the Minnesota Twins, who are not doing much better than we are in the standings lately. Since I’m going to be at both tomorrow night’s and Saturday’s games, I am wanting to see some winning. Let’s do it.

So in my search for a new feature, I think I’m going to try to do something I am going to call Fan Focus, because I’m too tired lately to come up with a more original name, and that’s basically what this would be anywy. I’d like to interview Mariners fans from near and far, and see what folks from around the globe have to say about our team. I have some basic questions outlined, but the final interviews will be more of a conversational style. If you want to be interviewed, here is what you’ll need:

  • A computer
  • Gmail or FaceBook for the chat feature. The interviews will be conducted via chat, then edited for spelling and/or syntax if necessary, and a final draft will be submitted to you via email for approval once I get everything written up. If you don’t use either of these sites, let me know and we’ll figure something out.
  • At least an hour of free time. During a game is preferable, Sundays or Mondays are perfect, as those days comprise my weekend, and during games I’m pretty much stationary. Some might not take an hour to actually conduct, but I figure that is a good starting point.
  • The willingness to share your personal experiences with and ideas about the team from any angle that happens to crop up during discussion. These interviews will be as much about your love of the team as this blog is about mine.

If you would like to be interviewed, you can either respond to me on Twitter, or here in the comments. To edge myself back into the interview process (I haven’t conducted any sort of interviews since I worked on my high school paper over 20 years ago), I am going to start off with people I know, then branch out to some folks I might not know as well. I will get everyone as I can, and if I don’t please remind me at will. I want everyone who wants to be interviewed to get interviewed. Ideally, this should be by a fans for the fans. So reply here, or at Twitter, or even email me if you like, and I will get to you as I can. A weekly schedule would be ideal, but we can work that out individually. Go Mariners!

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2 Responses to New Feature: Fan Focus. Help a Girl Out?

  1. Section 36 says:

    Love the idea. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify. Look forward to reading them!

    • Megan Shear says:

      Maybe I’ll branch out to other teams. hehe Until then, looks like I have at least enough offers to keep me busy through the summer, which is cool. 🙂

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