Happy Felix Day!

Taking a break from my extremely busy work day to down some coffee in preparation for another long night. I used to be able to go to ball games, run home, upload my photos, go through them, crank out a blog post, go to sleep and feel fine the next morning. I think those days might be over; as Danny Glover might say, “I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.” I do have a lot of photos to share, though, and they’ll find their way here soon enough.

Yesterday’s news of Miguel Olivo’s downgraded groin strain and Chone Figgins being put on pause were both things I didn’t find out until way after the fact. We’ve got a project deadline at work currently, so I haven’t been taking as many quick breaks as I usually do to check Twitter or whatever other online sources I click on for news and to give my brain a break while I’m sitting 21 floors above the streets of Seattle. I’m glad for Olivo the same way I’m glad for anyone with a physical ailment who has been told it’s not as bad as was initially feared. I have mixed feelings on the Figgins thing; seems like an awful lot of money has been thrown out the window to just sit him while he seems to be playing better, but I totally get why it’s being done. Now I get to hope that the ploy works, and the kids that are being placed in the lineup start to realize their potential. I would prefer this happens sooner rather than later; I am really exhausted with one-run losses. That song has been overplayed and it’s time to retire it.

I was at last night’s game and achieved my goal of trying out the new pulled pork sandwiches. It looks like anywhere that there used to be a Dixie’s barbecue, these sandwiches are being sold in Safeco now. Su and I shared an order of sweet potato fries, and the whole meal was excellent. Definitely a repeater, which is more than I can say for Dixie’s. This may seem trivial in light of the loss at the hands of Tom Wilhelmsen, but I have to take my enjoyment where I can get it.

Speaking of Mr Wilhelmsen, I very much like the fact that he shouldered the responsibility of last night’s loss. There is something about singular accountability that I find immensely comforting when dealing with a team sport. Oftentimes, the post-game interviews are a mishmash of “we couldn’t get it done”, or other diverting statements where nobody is singled out and the team as a whole is blamed (usually by the manager), when the loss was truly and genuinely created by one player. That one player last night was Wilhelmsen, and he took his lumps to the media, and I respect that. It seems like he’s kind of a quiet guy who just buckles down and plays ball, and that is something I like. Also appreciated: use of the word “fart” in an interview. I am 12.

So tonight is Felix Day, and the King’s Court will be in session. I will be sitting up above them in my regular seats, unless I can convince Justin to pay some extra for a ticket exchange. Right now the weather looks like it might be a nice night for a game, but I don’t care about the weather. I care about the offense getting Felix a win, and none of this no-decision nonsense. The Twins are not good this year, and we need to take advantage of that fact (one might argue that neither are the Mariners, but I’m looking past that right now). Tomorrow, unless something explodes or goes horribly wrong, I will be conducting my first interview with fellow fan and Washington penninsula resident Ryan McQueen, so stay tuned for that as well.


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2 Responses to Happy Felix Day!

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Felix finally got some decent run support, and on Cinco de Mayo! Cerveza, por favor! 🙂

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