I haven’t been writing a lot lately. Even if that wasn’t blatantly obvious by the fact that I know that the last time I posted here was five days ago, I just had to log myself back into this site, something that only happens after lengthy periods of inactivity. There have been several contributing factors to my absence, but the first and foremost of them all is that the Mariners have simply not been that inspiring to write about. Actually probably the first and foremost of all is that, unlike others in the blogosphere, I don’t get paid to write about the Mariners. I’m sure I could find something useful to say if I was on the clock, but I’m not. And the lure of the weather we have been having here lately is terribly strong.

So instead of making sitting indoors in front of a TV from pre-game start to post-game end on these lovely days a priority, I have sometimes watched, sometimes listened, and sometimes (like yesterday, while I was out on the Sound fishing for cod) Twitter’d my way through Mariners games. I’ve started to become a casual fan with season tickets. And that sort of bothers me. OK, no, it really bothers me. This isn’t how summer is supposed to go. Summer is supposed to be all about baseball, all about the Mariners, and all about writing, for me. The really alarming this is that this team is not even remotely as bad as the 2008 and 2010 Mariners, and I surely managed to figure a way to eek out posts then…

So it has to be the weather. Or writer’s block. Or the uncertainty of going up against an opponent we haven’t faced yet this year, because I truly can’t say what the Ms will do against any given team. Things feel very unpredictable right now. I don’t really feel like I can say that the team is good, but I can’t say that they are bad, either. At least there was some certainty in the past few years – or if not certainty, then a way for what was “good” and what was “bad” to become crystal-clear obvious pretty quickly. All this year I’ve sort of felt like the water is really murky, and clarity is not coming easily for me. What do you do with that? What do you do when you find the subject you’re writing about uninspiring and difficult to wrap your head around? Mostly, you go fishing, watch bad movies on Netflix, and clean the house. There are Mariners games in there somewhere, but not like there used to be.

I need to whip things back into shape again around here, so bear with me. It will start tonight as the Mariners go up against the Boston Red Sox, who have been notoriously awful this season so far. Matthew gives the advantage to the Mariners in his series preview, and I’m currently operating under the assumption that two negatives make a positive, so we’ll see what happens. Boston is lower in the standings than we are, but they also have to play tougher teams in that tiny little park. May the better team prevail, and may it be us.

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