Win Some, Lose Some

I’m writing this on virtually no sleep, and during tonight’s game, so if it sounds incoherent, forgive me. I was very wound up when I got home from last night’s hitfest, and just couldn’t shut my brain down, so I’ve spent all day today paying for it. You haven’t really lived until you’ve done my job after what must have been maybe four hours of downtime. There has been a lot of yawning. But I wanted to get some pictures up, because the Hernandez/Darvish matchup yesterday evening was amazing.

My friend Eric and I met up at Hooverville, and had some cider. We go to Hooverville because Eric doesn’t drink beer, and they have Strongbow cider in cans, and usually some other cider on tap. Also, it’s dog-friendly, and kind of like hanging out in a friend’s living room, and is kind of a pre-game and after work hangout for a lot of other people as well. We sat around and talked baseball, and watched the rain come down, debating our chances of making it to the stadium without getting soaked. It was warm and muggy last night, very unusual for Seattle; but I’ll take that over freezing after the sun goes down. We left the bar around 6PM or so after the rain let up, and went to Safeco, where we went down to the Pen and then jockeyed for position on the bar on the Rangers side, and waited for Yu Darvish to show up. I was surrounded by an older couple wearing their Rangers jerseys, and countless Japanese fans. Nobody was shy about getting their place at the bar, either, or placing themselves in such a manner that I knew I’d never get a decent shot. I didn’t want to ask anyone to move – they deserve to take their pictures just like I do – so Eric got me a chair, and I took pictures over everyone’s heads.

I usually take a ton of pictures whenever I go to games. Sometimes I get what I want, sometimes I get a bunch of pictures that I can share, but I don’t really feel all that great about. They’re good for the blog, but they’re not something I want to pay to have printed out; I have a sort of baseball wall in the house (much to Tom’s chagrin, I sometimes think; ha!), and only my very best pictures have made it there. It may or may not be necessary to point out that there aren’t many hanging there at all, and all of them are Mariners. But this one will probably make it to print:

I knew the minute I got it that it was the one I had been trying for. Since so much of my photography is as much by accident as it is by practice, I’m pretty happy with this.

I got my shot and we bailed for our seats. The weather was holding, so the roof opened up, and before we knew it, we were sitting amid a healthy combination of Mariners and Rangers fans, and baseball was underway.

Jesus Montero checks his swing as Mike Napoli gets onto a throw in the dirt.

Felix kicks up to lean into his pitch.

The Mariners incredibly made Yu Darvish throw nearly 100 pitches in four innings last night, small balling their way to victory in the cold damp air. Felix threw eight full innings, which is totally acceptable, but I found myself really wanting him to get the complete game. Instead, Tom Wilhelmsen got the call, and allowed the Rangers nothing; no hits, no walks, no anything. And then it was over, and I was certainly glad I had been there.

Oh, and Kyle Seager threw a bat:

Those are both terrible pictures, but I was amused that I caught it on “film”.

My obligatory visiting left  fielder picture.

Wilhelmsen, coming in to dominate the 9th. His pants are overexposed. Sorry about that.

And everybody’s hugging…

Not the best photo I’ve taken, but by that time I was winding down something terrible, and ready to go home and try to sleep, which of course didn’t happen until far later than it should have. The general atmosphere at the stadium was really fun, and at one point in the evening I ran into Mariners Director of Marketing Gregg Green, taking some pictures of a gal who was modeling the King’s Court T-shirt for this Saturday’s Turn Back the Clock Night. The shirts are red, and there will be two sections for the King’s Court this weekend, which are both almost sold out. The red shirt thing is strange, given the fact that we will be playing the Angels, but the team will also be wearing the old Rainiers uniforms of red and white, so I guess I can let this one slide. This one time.

Tonight’s game started out pretty decently, with the Mariners tearing a run away from Matt Harrison in the first inning, but between the Rangers hitting Hector Noesi fairly well and Josh Hamilton robbing us of a few runs against the back wall (and tearing a hole in it, as well!), the Mariners progress back up the ladder towards .500 was stymied. Even a little threat build-up in the bottom of the 8th, with Alex Liddi and Ichiro both managing to get on base. But Hamilton was replaced by a fresh Mike Adams, and the next three batters to the plate did nothing to bring them home. In the bottom of the 9th after Steve Delabar took care of his Rangers batters, Joe Nathan came to the mound to do a little closing. We did not put up much of a fight, though Brendan Ryan did make Nathan work a little, before he swung at a pitch low and away to end the game.

I am just exhausted and it’s bed time. Glad there is a day game tomorrow; I have a lot of catchup work to do due to a meeting today that interfered with a project I was working on, so it will be nice to just sit and listen to Rick Rizzs and company, and hopefully we can take the series. I’m not bummed about this 3-1 loss, simply because yesterday’s game so far exceeded my expectations. And I know we’re not winning any prizes this year, but outside of our RISP problem, there were some very neat parts of tonight’s game. If we get slaughtered tomorrow, I may go back to being annoyed with the team, but for now I’ll go to sleep not being too terribly sad about how we’re doing so far. It could be a lot worse.


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