Some Thoughts on Moyer, Rangers Series

I’m not sure if I could have come up with a more boring headline for this one. I could have tried, but I have limited time on  my lunch break, and I’d rather devote it to the actual bulk of the post. This week has just been one hurdle after another, and I will be glad when the weekend is finally here. I won’t bother anyone with the particulars, suffice to say I have been run through a ringer so far this week, and I still have two more days to go. Creativity is not running strong for me today.

I heard this news yesterday as I was taking the bus back home. The Mariners don’t really need another pitcher right now, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kind of, maybe just a little bit think that maybe Jamie Moyer could spend some time here in Seattle to finish out the year. Maybe. The Rockies are 11.5 games back, which isn’t insurmountable at this point in the year, especially given how the rest of their competition looks in the NL West and Central. If they find a pitcher better suited to their clime than Moyer, I can see why they’d want to make that move as soon as possible. All of his walk/run/BABIP/HR rates are up in the tiny amount of 53.2 innings that he has pitched so far this year, which could be due to the thin air in Colorado, or it could just be because Buddy is old. All I know is, I would hate for Jamie Moyer’s career to end on a DFA, and the part of me that understands what Moyer means to Seattle would like to see Moyer pitch – in and for Seattle. But I think I’m a few years too late. I’m not saying that the Ms should run out and rescue him from Assignment-Land. What I am saying is that if they did, I would be highly interested in such a situation.

Because this week’s difficulties culminated in me falling asleep around 3pm yesterday after battling with Emissions and the DMV, I didn’t see the game until the 5th inning. I was so tired I nearly didn’t get up at all, but decided to check the score to see if it was worth my while. When I saw that said score was 17-0, I decided maybe I should haul myself out of bed. This Texas series definitely did not turn out how I thought it would. Based on the last time we were there, I figured we’d get swept, or have the series taken from us, or something far more embarrassing (even though I don’t know what that could possibly be). Instead, we took the series, and those games were by a really wide margin. Finally, Arlington Stadium works in our favor. I never thought I’d see the day. Derek Holland couldn’t work things out, and neither could Yoshinori Tateyama. The thing that shocks me most about this game is the fact that both pitchers were left in to allow us to do so much damage. Granted, the Rangers took some good chunks out of Blake Beavan in the 6th inning, but after that final Justin Smoak home run to right field in the 8th, there was just no recovery. If the Rangers had managed to close the 14-run gap in two innings I honestly would not have been shocked; they’re good hitters, it’s Arlington, etc. But I am so glad they didn’t.

Steve Delabar was sent down to Tacoma just the other day, opening a spot for Stephen Pryor, who, sadly, I hardly remember or even had a chance to familiarize myself with from when he was here before…before what, I’m not sure. Just before. I guess Delbar’s issues are home-run-related, which is really bad if you’re playing the Rangers as much as we have so far this year. So I guess it’s time to pay attention to Pryor more now, and maybe I’ll go see Delabar again whenever Franklin Gutierrez decides to do his rehab down in T-Town.

Happy for a break today, and ready for Felix Day tomorrow in Chicago. Also excited about this coming Monday and the draft. Since my knowledge of draftees is limited at best, I am going to print out and bring this article by Matthew so that I have some idea of who and what I’m looking at and why. Also hoping our weather improves so that I can go fishing on Sunday, but that is a different story altogether. Enjoy your Thursday!


EDIT: Thanks to Micah from Baseball is My Boyfriend for the correction on the stadium’s name. I have been referring to it as simply Arlington Stadium since my beginnings as a baseball fan. It is, of course, Rangers Ballpark at Arlington.

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2 Responses to Some Thoughts on Moyer, Rangers Series

  1. That game was so painful for me. I can’t even tell you. I hope that was a season’s worth of clunkers in one game.

    FYI, Arlington Stadium was torn down YEARS ago. The ballpark is now called Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. 🙂

    • Megan Shear says:

      Ooo! Thanks for the correction! I have been referring to it just as Arlington for…ever? I think?
      I think you guys will be ok. Texas has been going strong for so long now, I can’t imagine these last few games were at all representative of how the rest of the season will go… 🙂

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