Quick Update

I sort of fell into some really good tickets for last night’s game, and have photos and such to share, but I also have regular tickets for tonight’s game, so it is well likely that nothing is going to be up until tomorrow night, when I will have two seconds to rub together. By that time, my photos of a happily running Franklin Gutierrez might be past tense, but I’ll still put them up because why not; it made me happy to see him shagging fly balls in center before the game started yesterday, and I am looking forward to the already-announced Ichiro/Gutierrez/Saunders outfield for this evening’s Erasmo Ramirez start in our last game this series against the Padres. It looks like there is news regarding player shuffling today, too, so by tomorrow evening I will have had some time to process it all. I’ve been starting to feel like I am getting past my writer’s block / apathy about things, and I regret not forcing myself to stay up last night and post photos, but there was just no way. I was on Twitter a lot during the game last night, posting photos and trading chatter with others online. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, and have Instagram on your phone, please consider following me under the username snowlion23. I take photos of things other than baseball of course, but a lot of my iPhone pictures are posted there (the photo in the blog header here was taken with Instagram, actually).

Three-ish or so hours of work left before I trudge on over to Pyramid to meet Brandon for tonight’s contest. Just hoping I can stay awake for everything.

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