Pictures From The Past Week…

I just have to flat-out say it; I don’t care about the Giants. I used to care about them, a few years ago when Randy Johnson lost to Jason Vargas here in Seattle, and was given a standing ovation by fans of the Giants and Ms alike when he was done for the day in the 7th inning. I find Pablo Sandoval interesting, and if I hadn’t been so out of it yesterday from a previous night of awful sleep, I probably would have watched Tim Lincecum pitch on TV instead of the GameDay/SyFy’s Piranhaconda (yes, that’s a thing) combo that I had set up because I didn’t really feel like thinking about baseball and I really didn’t feel like writing about it…so I haven’t made much of an effort with this series. What I’m really holding out for is the series in Arizona that starts tomorrow night, because the Mariners have done so much better on the road, and yay, Diamondbacks!

I have also just discovered that I am a terrible Orioles fan, and didn’t realize that they were coming to Seattle twice this year; and the first of those two series is right at the beginning of July! This is significant to me because I am in the market for a new Orioles shirt that fits. My Majestic men’s XL used to suffice, but now it just makes me look like a massive piece of fruit; plus, it has been many years since Chad Bradford (whose name and number are on the back of the shirt) has been a Baltimore Oriole. Or anything else, for that matter. In any event, I have work to do there…

So this last week was a mishmash of baseball, work, baseball, work, and maybe a few hours of sleep; I have been battling insomnia lately to an annoying level, and while I think that this upcoming week will see things settle down a little bit, this last week was really rough. On Wednesday, I fell into some really good tickets. Friend and resident ESPN guy Matt Pitman was taking over for Tom Hutyler as the Mariners PA announcer for that evening due to Hutyler being on a break, and I had to go be supportive and listen to him. There were some sooper sekrit maneuvers made, and I wound up with tickets that were so much better than I could have ever hoped for. Tom made us some sandwiches because this last week was in the middle of a paycheck for me and affording food was not much of an option, and we met down at Safeco Field and went in to watch the Ms take some BP before the game. As I wandered over to the lower bowl in the beer garden, I was greeted with a grand sight. A healthy and active Franklin Gutierrez!

It was great to see him running around again, with no indication that anything had ever been wrong. During Thursday’s game, he got a pretty big ovation from a very small crowd there, which made me happy.

I never take pictures of the umpires on purpose; not that I don’t want a picture of an umpire, I just never think of it. So here’s a group of blues standing around pre-game, waiting for the lineup cards and the managers of both teams to come out and talk about how the family is.

Here are some of the better shots I got of the Mariners’ 0-1 loss to the Pads…

On Thursday of course, the $6 view reserved seats were in full effect in honor of the six Mariners pitchers that combined to no-hit the Dodgers two Fridays ago. Unfortunately not many people took advantage of the offer, which is a terrible shame. I know that the Ms haven’t been stellar this year, but a $6 seat in Major League Baseball is an amazing deal, since it seems like even with a negative economy, baseball ticket prices just keep going up. Had I not had tickets already through my game plan, I certainly would have grabbed a few and gone anyway. We didn’t win, of course, and I’m guessing that was what was holding folks back from going, but a $6 seat is a $6 seat, and a lot of people missed a really nice opportunity to go see a cheap game.

The crowd that was on hand, however, seemed terrifically enthusiastic, particularly a group of elementary schoolers that came prepared with signs and possibly a lot of sugar; there was a lot of chanting, singing, and jumping around from up near section 346 above us, and they made the cold weather seem tolerable for a few innings. At the beginning of the game, the six were brought out for a photo opportunity, which I can’t seem to post here because of more space issues. I had fun on Thursday, even though I was cold and tired and couldn’t stop yawning.

There I fixed some of it, though I fear that I may have to shell out $100 to keep bringing the hi-resolution to the handful of you who are still with me.

I completely forgot what I was going to write about Thursday’s game, because Justin Smoak just hit a walkoff single during today’s Father’s Day game against the San Francisco Giants, to cap the win, 2-1, and take the series. Munenori Kawasaki was the winning run, and he hesitated just a little while coming around third, but decided to go for it, sliding into the plate and then bouncing back up immediately to go join the rest of the team in chasing Smoak out to shallow right field to help give him the ceremonial kidney punches that are the hallmark of baseball team walkoff celebrations.

That is really all I have to say for today. I need to take a shower to get ready to go hang out at a friends’ house for dinner and do a little relaxing on my “Saturday”.  Back soon! Have a great sunny Seattle afternoon, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, including my own.

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2 Responses to Pictures From The Past Week…

  1. Blaine Wright says:

    Thanks for the pictures. Hope you get your new jersey. The one I wish I had is an old Buckey Jacobson one. After he got injured and left here I followed his fan site for several years as he sank slowly down the minors level by level until he couldn’t stick with an independent team.

    It really is amazing how much Ichiro and his ‘shadow’ look alike, stand alike, walk alike, stretch alike, etc. It’s sometimes even hard to tell them apart in a still picture unless you see their faces. It’s also great to see a professional player having so much fun and not trying to hide it to look more professional.

    • Megan Shear says:

      I agree! I didn’t know what would happen with him, especially because he was sort of projected by some people to be not all that great, maybe a permanent Triple A guy. It’s nice to see him up here and thriving at a major league level, and having so much fun playing. 😀

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