Mariners Get Bitten in Arizona

I face a conundrum during games where I like both teams. On the one hand, I want the Mariners to win; regardless of who the other team is and how much I like them, I always want to see the Mariners win a game. But at the same time,  series against the Orioles, Diamondbacks and Phillies rate an ‘eh‘ on the intensity scale, because I like those other teams. Especially in a year where we’re already pretty much aware we’re only going to kiss October on the cheek due to the schedule, rather than full-on make out with it because we’re in the playoffs, watching the Mariners throw the Diamondbacks a bone doesn’t kill me. If the Mariners win, they win. If the Diamondbacks win, maybe I get to see JJ Putz; and that’s exactly what happened last night.

Right around the time that the DBacks were racking up runs off Hector Noesi, I took a look at the notes I was kind of making and decided that putting the effort into complaing about anything was just not going to happen. It was not the outcome I was really hoping for, but it was an outcome I didn’t have any problem accepting. It was hot outside, everyone looked kind of tired and greasy, and my notes were as follows:

hector noesi bad:  The understatement of the year. It’s amazing that Noesi made it to a full 6 innings, but I guess that’s more on Eric Wedge than it is Noesi himself. Had Noesi been pulled after allowing his fourth run in the 3rd inning…well, I can’t even say that because the bats were awful too. The Mariners offense was as nonexistent as ever, pulling through only one run on 9 hits. Bad baserunning could have been to blame for some of it, but there were a lot of groundouts last night, and even with a few doubles (courtesy of Casper Wells and Franklin Gutierrez, thank you very much!), all the singles in the world were not going to help us. Just bad baseball.

Aaron Hill hit for cycle off shawn kelley in 7th: Hill hit a home run off Shawn Kelley in the 7th inning, that completed his cycle and elicted a lot of joy from the crowd at hand. I don’t know Hill from any other player who is not an ex-Mariner, Justin Upton, or Brad Ziegler on AZ’s roster, but apparently this feat could not have happened to a nicer guy, etc., etc. I’m fine with it; it’s not something you get to see too frequently, so for the love of the game I’ll accept it as a thing that happened during a baseball game, be glad for Hill and the DBacks, and call it a day.

oliver perez to relieve for kelley: After the aforementioned home run, I discovered that there is someone named Oliver Perez who pitches for the Mariners. Perez lobbed nothing but sinkers at Jason Kubel, then threw an 82MPH slider, which Kubel put into play, right to the glove of Justin Smoak at first. I didn’t bother to check location, but since three of the four sinkers Perez threw were hit by Kubel, he might also want to think about adding something else into the mix. Everything else thrown in the 8th inning to Miguel Montero (walk), Chris Young (fly out to right field), Josh Bell (single to shallow center), and Ryan Roberts (fly out to right field)? Also sinkers and sliders in the mid-90s. It wasn’t awful, but it does feel like there should be something else there…

putz in, bieber after strikeouts: This note I made because I was really confused as to why they were playing that annoyingly soulless “Baby, Baby” song whenever Putz took a Mariner down in the top of the 9th, especically after his entrance to “Thunderstruck“, as per usual. I literally almost hit ‘post’ on this blog before I remembered that Brad Ziegler had played a little trick on Putz only a week or so ago. I find myself immensely relieved to remember that it was initially a joke, rather than thinking that the person in charge of music at Chase Field had lost their damn mind. Now I just think it’s funny.

Those were awful notes, but they resulted in a post and in me doing some actual research on Perez, so I guess I can’t be too upset with my laziness. Tonight the Mariners give it another shot in what I understand will be a nice cool 106 degrees at game time. Ugh. Hopefully the Ms splash some ice water on those bats and wake ’em up!

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