Baseball-Related Monday Rambling

WordPress decided that my original post didn’t really need to see the light of day, so you get this one that is far more lame and half-hearted than what I originally wrote because it’s hard to get excited about having to do all your work over, especially when you didn’t have much to say to begin with…

I have been pretty out of the loop lately. Have been watching what I can, but trying to spend a lot of time with Tom this last week, as he is leaving for Europe tomorrow evening. This means I will be able to catch the All-Star game, but will probably miss the Home Run Derby. For some reason, up until now, I was sort of excited about the Home Run Derby; then I remembered what a yammering mess it is, and now I’m OK with spending the evening with my husband, baseball-free.

I watched yesterday’s contest against Oakland while cleaning some crab that a friend brought over Saturday night. I have to say that I was far more successful in my first attempts at making crab cakes than the Mariners were at beating the A’s in a 13-inning walkoff game. Crab cakes are delicious. Losing during a Felix start, not so much. Then again, losing during a Felix start is something that I have come to expect, and that is just sad.

I took a look at this post by Jeff this morning. The All Star break is indeed a funny thing. I try not to be superstitious about baseball. I started out that way; used to wear my jersey to every game, had the same pre-game beers at the Pyramid beer garden, ate a lot of the same food, took a lot of the same routes around the field to take pictures and made sure to be in my seat and ready to go about a half hour before first pitch…last year I even tried to make it a ritual to wear my white creepers to every game in honor of Dave Niehaus; but they were hell to break in, and just too uncomfortable to wear for every game, particularly games I had to walk to from work. So even though part of me actively wants to be superstitious, there is another part that just wants to be comfortable, have a variety of food and drink, and go wherever my day takes me when I’m at the stadium. And I have long since learned that regardless of what you do when you’re at the game, it is up to the team to do their job and win or lose.

So why do I still hold out hope – after five years of this – that the All Star break will indeed render us a newer, fresher Mariners team?

Apparently you can take the girl out of superstition, but you can’t take superstition out of the girl. Even last year’s ridiculous 17-game losing slide to the basement after a decent first half should prove me wrong; but all it does is make me think, ‘Well, something changed, right?’ Every year I think about how to explain this mindset, and every year I come up empty. This year is no different, but it should be, because we play the first place Rangers as we come out of the All Star break. I should be terrified and just as depressed about the state of things as I have been all season. But no; I’m sitting here glad for a few days without baseball, thinking that when things start up again, the Mariners are going to come back and start their triumphant climb to .500. Actually, it’s kind of sad that .500 is triumphant, but hey, Mariners.

I am not terribly disappointed about the loss of Adam Moore to the Kansas City Royals. I’m a little sad for him because he has to go to Kansas City, but at least he still has the opportunity to play for a team that currently wants him. It was only one game, but Moore was not terribly impressive against the 51s defense-wise, and I didn’t expect a whole lot out of him in general after his knee surgery. I did not think he would be coming back up here in September, a theory doubly proven by the fact that we don’t play Kansas City in September. It is a little sad that a guy once thought to be a chip to the future of the Mariners is just not going to have a chance to fulfill that role, but who knows what the future holds for Mr Moore. I haven’t yet heard any complaining about how ‘now he’ll do better for someone else’, but I probaby just need to give it more time. I don’t know if Moore will wind up in KC Triple A or with the big club, but I hear Kauffman Stadium is a nice ballpark, so there’s that.

So now I relax for the remainder of the week and look forward to the USSM/LL gathering next Saturday. Tom will be gone for a few weeks, which means I turn into a bored, mischievous wolf-child, living off of soda crackers and Pepsi and not washing my hair every day*, and maybe going to baseball games north or south of Seattle on a whim because I have totall 100% control of the car. So tomorrow it will be me, Eric, my couch, and the All Star game, and a few days of waiting to see whether or not the Mariners attempt at least a small overhaul with the second half of their season, because we’re going to come back and win, I just know it…


*Will wash hair before Saturday’s game.

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2 Responses to Baseball-Related Monday Rambling

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    I am really looking forward to the USSM/LL gathering, but not as excited about going to the game as I would like to be. I want to believe that the M’s will get better in the second half, but at this point I’m thinking that another 100 loss season is a real possibility. Ugh.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Yeah, sounds like they have something sooper sekrit in store for us Saturday.
      I hope you are wrong about the 100. I really do. I’d like to see it under 90, but at this rate, I don’t know. And it doesn’t help much that the Nats have been doing great lately with all their Strassburg-y-ness and whatnot. Grrr….

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