See All Y’all on Saturday

Tom’s been gone for about 48 hours now, which means I have been subsisting on leftovers and vegetables, and have built myself a nest out of Mariners fleece blankets and old tickets in the corner of the living room. I have been having a nice break from baseball. A lot of other people seem to be upset about the All-Star break, but I am doing OK with it. I don’t really like that, but it is what it is. I can’t force myself to be jacked up over Mariners baseball these days, it’s been a terribly disappointing first half, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to slip into casual fan territory. That bothers me a little bit, but until the Mariners put out the effort, I don’t think I can either. If you don’t want to date me, I’m not going to bother with makeup. I’ll still stalk you online because I’m crazy and insecure, but I’ll be doing it in my pajamas, not in a nice dress. You don’t deserve  my A-game until you step it up and stop cheating on me with failure.

I thought I would watch the All-Star game and avoid the Home Run Derby, but exactly the opposite happened; I actually slept through the ASG. The HRD was on TVs in the Italian restaurant we had dinner in on Monday, and in the pub we went to after. Without the sound, it wasn’t too bad, and it was fun to see Prince Fielder hit a bunch of home runs into the Kauffman Stadium fountain, while a crowd of kids in the outfield flailed in their best attempts to make like major league fielders for the balls that fell shallow of the wall. As much as I normally set players from other teams in the enemy box, it’s actually pretty cool to see them all palling around and having fun and smiling at each other. Felix Hernandez was there, clapping people on the back and giving encouragement to the hitters, and the players’ kids were adorable in their little AL and NL jerseys, giving their fathers water or just running around in circles like little kids do. Maybe I’ll rethink my priorities next year; the NL won the ASG by such a wide margin I think I would have been pretty disappointed if I had actually spent time watching the game.

The Mariners come back tomorrow. I will probably watch because it’s against the Rangers and why not. Saturday I am still planning on taking off from work a few hours early to go to Safeco and take in the USSM/LL event before that night’s Rangers game. That link leads to an update regarding something that makes section 332 “special” for us that night. Are they going to turn us into King’s Court part 2 while we cheer on Felix against Yu Darvish? Will there be free hot dogs? A Jeff Sullivan bobblehead? Will the Mariners just start hitting?  And seriously, be still my beating heart on this matchup – could we have lucked out on this any harder if we tried? And hey, if you see me around (and I’m still pretty hard to miss), say hi. I don’t bite!

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