Don’t Even Bother Reading This

This week has been and is going to continue to be busier than normal, but since the times are changing in Mariners Land, I figured I’d try and write a little before things get super messy for me tomorrow.

I have my phone propped up at work usually so I can see the texts come in from Yesterday they wouldn’t stop. Brandon League is a Dodger now, so there’s that. I feel badly for League’s struggles towards the end of his tenure here, but we have Tom Wilhelmsen, and a team that ranks low to medium on the “good” scale doesn’t need a closer. We have a good one, and that has been nice lately what with all the winning we have been doing, but League’s hesitance in high-leverage situations creates a problem for us going forward obviously, and maybe the Dodgers will find a nice spot for him. I don’t think League is a bad pitcher at all or anything, and I haven’t lost faith in him, he’s just got a mean case of the hiccups right now, and I guess the Mariners don’t have a large enough glass of water. Or whatever it is that cures hiccups, your mileage may vary. He’ll probably do well in Los Angeles, and it looks like he might have the chance to be part of a division championship team, which is certainly a positive.

And Steve Delabar is also gone, which I think a lot of people would also look at as a positive, but really more for the Mariners’ sake than Delabar’s. I really do wish that Delabar had panned out for us. It would have been cool to have a nice dead-on reliever that we could have nicknamed “The Instructor” or something.  Hopefully he will find some success with Toronto. The bullpen has become more and more difficult for me to follow as a “department” of the team; it’s simply too fluid, and the second you get attached to someone, they are sold, sent down, traded, or DFA’d. And our bullpen is just like other teams’ bullpens now. Losing John Wetteland was the worst thing that could have happened as far as the character of the Seattle pen is concerned. I think I’m starting to really feel the sting of all the changes with our relief corps.

So now we have this Eric Thames fellow, who is apparently much younger than I thought; I saw a picture of him on my iPhone this morning, and I don’t know if it was a bad photo or if it was just because an iPhone screen is not really optimal for seeing things in general, but I thought that the Mariners had done that thing where they import a plucky veteran to help out our young guys, and I couldn’t understand why they would do that in Seattle, in August during what has been a pretty downer season. So I opted to read up a little, and it appears that Thames is possibly making his Mariners debut tonight; how terribly convenient for me, given that I will be at tonight’s game. Jeff posted this article about Thames, and now I feel better about things in general; or at least smarter about Eric Thames than I did while writing the first few sentences of this paragraph. I will be happier and feel even smarter if Thames gets a hit tonight. I don’t care what kind of hit.  A 115MPH home run would be neat and all, but a single will also do. It’s an incredibly nice day to hit a 115MPH home run, though. Just sayin’. Also, more prospects! I promise I am happy about prospects; I am happier about this particular recent move, though, because I can see Eric Thames.  I can watching him play in Seattle, and get an immediate feel for who he might be as a ball player, something that is considerably more difficult for me to do with prospects.

And with that, I have to end this because lunch is over and my day is being cut short with a meeting. This is an awful post and I am sorry about that, but I wanted to write something, so here we are. I’d give you your time back if I could, but I do not wield quite that much power. As things stand, it was difficult enough for me to get out of bed this morning. Go Mariners!

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