Down The Street, Not Across the Tracks…

Oh, the Mariners. I am torn between ignoring games for the rest of the month until September call-ups and continuing to watch because I still love the team. It’s been a long tiring summer, and I’m sure I’m not really saying anything anyone else doesn’t already think. Jeff has as excellent point here

Maybe blogging about baseball on a regular basis is awesome when you’re writing about a quality team.”


This past series against the Baltimore Orioles was rough. Normally if the Ms lose to the Os, I don’t really mind, being lightly on the Birds’ side as I am. But this one was just tough. We lost all three games, and we lost them through pitching. I would blame a lack of offense, or the umpires – as a lot of others have chosen to do, especially with Tuesday night’s game – but it was our pitchers that lost these games for us. First Jason Vargas, then Blake Beavan and Lucas Luetge, then Kevin Millwood. I try never to swear in this particular internet space, but my longshoreman’s mouth is leaking over into my typing fingers, and I’ll just say it; this series was fucking depressing.  I was unable to watch the New York series because I was in a wedding at the base of Mt Hood and had no access to any television or radio, but I did get email alerts, and iPhone technology being what it is, was able to check scores that way. Other than Felix Hernandez’s start, which of course is a bright spot any day of the week, it was another lost series to New York City’s American League. By now, losing to New York is kind of to be expected; we simply don’t have the bats to compete with a team like the Yankees. But getting swept by the Orioles is downright sad.

I guess the main positive I can take away from all of this is that it puts the Orioles in a better place in the AL East, and I would love to see a team that has, in the past few years, been the East’s Mariners equivalent, get into the playoffs. The other big plus that I can take away from it is that this series sort of reinforced my love of Michael Saunders, who spent all three games playing center field like a champ. He made a running diving catch last night that saved us from having a Bird on base, and it was fabulous. If he could raise his BA up a few ticks, I would be totally and completely happy with him. But right now, we are lucky to have  the defense he provides; the alternative is terrifying.

I am sure I have more to say, but this is going to be short because I have to get back to work. These few thoughts were just rattling around in my head this morning, so I figured I would  toss them out there to the ether. There. That feels a little better.

Next Tuesday I get a Rays game with my friend Gray. I’m not expecting much, I am just glad to go to a baseball game at this point, because it’s summer and that’s what we do in the summer. I am trying to remain upbeat about writing about a game I keep watching, but Jeff is right; when nothing is really going on on the field, it’s hard to figure out what to write on a blog. All I want to do is scream at this team, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I have decided it’s just better not to say anything at all, if I can’t say anything truly nice.

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4 Responses to Down The Street, Not Across the Tracks…

  1. Blaine Wright says:

    I’m with you. I’ve got to admit that I don’t watch most of the games now until I’ve seen if there’s something more interesting to watch.

    What depressed me was when I realized that the young players that are playing well most often – Jaso, Saunders, Wells and Seager – aren’t the kind of player you build a winning team around. They’re the kind of player that fills in around the kind of player you build a winning team around.

    In Denver they used to talk about the ball carrying too far because of the “light” air, so they put them in a humidifier. Since people here always go on about the “heavy” air, maybe the Mariners should put their balls in a dehumidifier.

    • Megan Shear says:

      I think that has actually been mentioned during a broadcast or two, early on this year. But I don’t know – other teams seem to be having no problems hitting the ball. I think our young players still have a lot of potential, but time may be running out for them. People are impatient, and it seems like the Mariners are running out of excuses. How much longer can we tolerate seasons like this without giving up altogether? When the wins come, it will make it worth it, and that is the reason I am sticking around. I guess now we just wait and see when the wins show up, because there isn’t much else we can do.
      I would hate for people to give up on this team and risk losing it; it’s a young team (organization-wise), and if attendance drops off, who is to say the owners won’t find a better market. But I also think that this part of the country needs a baseball team; we just also need success. :/

  2. Helen Ormsby says:

    Today I felt like getting a divorce from this team and move on. But you came through as a reconciliation therapist and I’ll stand by our men once again. This is the second time you have done this. Thanks, Megan

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