Mariners Release 2013 Schedule

It’s all over the place by now, but it looks like the Ms and pretty much every other team in baseball has already announced their playing schedules for next year. Is it just me or does this feel early? Whatever the case, seeing the Houston Astros on our schedule so many times just looks kind of weird. I am glad to have a new team to look forward to playing during the year, though I know that a lot of Astros fans probably aren’t too keen on having to go the DH route. I wonder if having the pitchers concentrate on pitching will improve the Astros overall performance? It will be interesting to watch them develop as an American League team. I hope the fans don’t take it too hard, though I know that there will be those who will.

Hisashi Iwakuma wants to stay in Seattle. Maybe it’s just the novelty of being a fan of a team that some players actively want to be on, but I wouldn’t mind having him an additional year at least, as a back of the rotation guy, depending on how other pitchers in our system develop over the offseason/Spring Training. It’s all such a gamble. It is nice to hear and see Iwakuma get into more of a rhythm and the improvement since the beginning of the year has been encouraging. His statement in the linked article about getting used to the way things work here reminds me of when Chone Figgins said the same thing earlier this year; the difference is that it only took Iwakuma half a season to get used to things here in Seattle. I don’t think Figgins ever will.

Only a few more weeks left of this wonderful game here in Seattle. Time flies by too fast.


EDIT; I was looking for the Diamondbacks or Phillies on the schedule for next year, plus how many times we might be playing Baltimore; so admittedly I didn’t notice that interleague play goes on all year next year. That seems particularly odd, given that now all leagues have five teams, and this has never been an issue before, but it looks like I have to start paying more attention to NL teams. That is probably a positive.

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2 Responses to Mariners Release 2013 Schedule

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    I would like to see Iwakuma in Seattle for a couple of years. Seems like he is figuring it out, and it would give the young guns a chance to develop a bit.

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