Quick Notes

Again, stealing a few moments during my work day to address a few things…

I always try to be nice to and about all our players, but Chone Figgins can cry me a river. You can’t take two more years of this? I shared this information with one of my co-workers, whose response was “He actually said that?!”  But our response is not one of sadness or incredulity because we feel that Figgins should enjoy it here; quite the opposite. Chone Figgins has been a living, breathing paperweight for the past two seasons in Seattle, and has the audacity to say that he can’t tolerate being paid millions to fail. He was given a more-than-generous contract and then proceeded to eat payroll and help the Mariners while his numbers spent time declining faster than Thelma and Louise driving off that cliff. Thanks a bunch, man.  And good riddance. If Figgins really believes that he has somehow been wronged here, then he also fails at self-evalution, in addition to batting, fielding, and baserunning.  I’m not going to miss Figgins just like I didn’t miss Griffey when he left, just like I didn’t miss Bradley when he left, and just like I won’t miss Olivo’s defense when he leaves (I like Olivo otherwise, sorry haters!). Figgins has spent his time in Seattle being nothing but a burden. An overpaid, Don-Wakamatsu-attacking burden. I have never forgiven him for that, and now that he has made his situation seem like it’s somehow not completely his fault, I never will. By all means, please leave Seattle. And take your minus WAR and your sub – .200 batting average with you.

The Mariners have just recently,  like just now today let go of hitting coach Chris Chambliss. One could argue that you can’t coach lack of ability, and one could argue that Chambliss just isn’t godo at his job. It seems obvious which one of those arguments the Mariners may (or may not) believe. I am still heavily advocating for rubber bands for all, but I am not a hitting coach or a Mariners employee, so my opinion/suggestion/ complaints count for nothing. As Jeff indicates in the link above, it would seem that everyone else on the staff is staying at least for now, so the problem must be with Chambliss. Whatever the case, it is neither here nor there for me. We didn’t have any offense, then we did, then we didn’t again, then we sort of did just recently. Chambliss was here for that entire time one would assume, so I don’t know what that says about anything. Will the Ms get someone better? Will they get just another version of Chambliss? What can a hitting coach really teach a major league baseball player about hitting that they haven’t already learned through years of repetition in the minor leagues? Where will Chambliss wind up, and will he do better there? And if he does better there, will people wonder why he couldn’t do better here? The questions are endless. Nobody knows.

And now lunch is over.

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3 Responses to Quick Notes

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  2. Carla says:

    There is only 1 year left on his contract and we’ve endured 3 years of his crap! enough is enough. If he is not whining about one thing it’s twelve others.

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