Last Day to Vote for Muni Kawasaki!

My plan to get back into writing regularly has so far been unsuccessful, but I think that is because the World Series was such a disappointment for me. The playoffs were so exciting with their at-the-last-minute wins that I had hoped for a full 7 games of the WS. But no, the Giants (a team I really don’t care all that much about) absolutely ruined the Tigers (a team that I normally don’t care about either, but have a smidge of a soft spot for), and the World Series was over in four quick and easy games. Even game one’s rainout could not help Detroit; there was really nothing that could have saved them at all. Their bats were just quiet, their pitching was not enough to prevent the Giants from hitting them and hitting them well, and they lost on their own grass. What a bummer.

So now we have the quiet offseason starting, and there is only football. The NHL is apparently still having strike issues through the end of November, so there is nothing for me there, and basketball is just awful, so it’s Seahawks and Green Bay games as I can manage them for the rest of the year. Depressing. And so far I have been awful at both of those. I was going to go out yesterday and try and catch a Green Bay game somewhere, but wound up doing a host of other things that had nothing to do with football. I am terrible.

Last Friday was my birthday, and I light-heartedly requested over Twitter that the Mariners do a little more than kick the tires on the concept of going after Dan Haren for 2012. I didn’t get Haren, but I did get Hisashi Iwakuma, which isn’t the same, but is completely acceptable. I may have made it sound later that evening on Twitter like I didn’t like the idea, but you’ll have to forgive me, as by the time I found out about the signing, I was a few cocktails in – and Tweeting while drinking is always ill-advised. That fact doesn’t stop me a majority of the time, but suffice to say I am not unhappy about the Iwakuma contract.

Since there is only today to finish up voting, I would like to encourage everyone to vote for Munenori Kawasaki for the Heart and Hustle Award for 2012. He is no longer with us, but he certainly deserves the recognition for the amount of energy he puts into the game.

And that is it for now. They say that the only way to continue writing is just to write, so we will see what this week brings as far as that. I feel like I should construct some sort of apology to anyone who has been following me and dropped off due to the lack of content here, but instead I will thank the few of you who still drop by. I will continue trying to write if you will continue reading when I do. Until then, everyone enjoy your week, and I hope nobody is as bummed about the lack of baseball (and hockey) as I have been.

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4 Responses to Last Day to Vote for Muni Kawasaki!

  1. Frank Barbati says:

    Hockey who cares??? Nobody cares about hockey. They can stay on strike or locked out forever and no one in America would even notice. I love the NBA and am watching a ton of great NBA games. Celtics/Thunder tonight as well as Knicks/Rockets. I really hope the Mariners rumors about Mike Napoli are false. I see another free agent bust coming if they do give him 4 years.

    • Megan Shear says:

      I care about hockey, which is why I mentioned it. I don’t like basketball at all. Tried to give it a shot back in the early 90s when I was in college and the Blazers were doing well, but I just don’t care; the game is not interesting to me in the least. As for Napoli, who knows what they have in mind. But he can hit, and we need hitters. If the Ms go for it, I would trust them to not make the same mistakes they made with Bradley, Lee, Sexson and Figgins. Napoli is 31, but he is also projected to be a .296 hitter, and I can’t really think that is a bad thing for a catcher to be. His best year to date is already behind him by a season, but he still has value. We can also afford more than one free agent; this would like NOT be a situation in which Napoli would be relied on to carry the team. He may not be the best option, but he is an option.

      • Frank Barbati says:

        I just wonder with Mike Zunino on the way and John Jaso already on the roster why we would need a 31 year old catcher whose best days may well be behind him. I hope I am wrong but I am really hoping we don’t sign him. Next year’s free agent crop is much better in my opinion so I would try to get some lower level free agents. I think we would also have to give up our 1st round pick too. I still hope it does not happen. Johnny Gomes would have been a nice acquisition but Boston just got him for 2 years and 10 million. That is a good price to pay low risk.
        I love basketball! I even go to high school basketball games but really love the NBA. I was a huge Sonics fan going back to the days of Slick Watts and Fred Downtown Brown but now I hate to say my allegiance has switched over to Oklahoma City. But if Seattle gets another team I will back with the Sonics! I love the athleticism of basketball and it is probably my
        favorite sport to watch.

  2. Megan Shear says:

    Zunino won’t be ready in 2013. 😦

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