JumboTron, Dickey, Mariners Rumors

There was nothing for a while that really interested me in Mariners Land, and now today all of a sudden there is a bunch of stuff to process and think about.

In addition to their plans to move in the left-to-left-center field walls and create more of a hitter’s park, Safeco is also remodeling their video screen. I violated my ‘never read the comments’ rule on FaceBook when they posted a Photoshopped mock-up of what it will look like when it’s finished, and discovered that, true to Mariners fandom, there are complainers. Some people are never happy unless they’re unhappy, and I think that’s  a shame, because I welcome the larger board with open arms. The main complaint seems to be a concern about where the money to do this is coming from, and people seem to be under the assumption that the money will come out of our payroll. Those people need a crash course in corporate budgeting; it’s not the same money, folks. Settle down. I am very much looking forward to this newer massive board, because the old digital style with the hardboard ads all over the place was getting kind of aged and dated, and sometimes the digital part didn’t work quite right…it’s just time for an update. I also think that from my left field seats (I retained the same seats I had last year, incidentally), it will make me maybe feel like those of us who choose to sit in the outfield because of cost will maybe feel a little more “in” the game, if that makes sense. I would post a photo of it, but again I am on my lunch doing this, and that would take time I don’t have as I try and crank this post out.

RA Dickey won the NL Cy Young. I never had a doubt. The minute I started hearing about how good he’s been for the Mets this year, I had a really positive feeling that he’d be the one. When they mentioned his name and  the award in the same sentence (blame someone on Twitter), I just knew it. This could not have been a more appropriate award for a more appropriate pitcher. I am so happy for him, and he is so deserving. A 20-6 win/loss total, A 2.73 ERA and 3.27 FIP numbers, and an HR rate of 0.92% over 233 innings pitched. Holy cats, folks! My main regret (of course) is that he never had the chance to do that here; I will always wonder ‘what if’. Always. But I am so glad that one of my favorites is finding continued and massive success, and I need to eventually buy his book. All hail the knuckle ball!

I don’t have much to say about the Jays/Marlins supertrade that went down over the course of this week. It’s amazing, but I’m not entirely sure how it affects us over here just yet. I am kind of in wait-and-see mode. Like usual. What I do find keenly interesting is the transport of perennial birthday-destroyer  Torii Hunter to Detroit and the Tigers. I think I speak for a lot of Mariners fans when I say that a little sigh of relief is in order . Obviously we don’t know yet what the Angels plan to do for the rest of the offseason, but sending Hunter somewhere we won’t maybe see him as often is a good start.

The Mariners of course have been linked to both Josh Hamilton and Nick Swisher recently, among others. ‘Tis the season for rumors and winter meeting panic. I think I would be OK with either of those players, so long as we didn’t go nuts with the money. “A source” on MLBTR a few days ago stated that the Ms know they need to be careful after the Chone Figgins fiasco. If by “a source”, the writer of the blog entry meant “every Mariners fan currently in existence”, then yes, their source is accurate. I’ve seen a few things here and there that indicate that some people want the Ms to throw piles of money at Hamilton and call it a day, but you’ll excuse me if “free agent” has now become almost swear words.  I am optimistic that the team will make the right decision and even more optimistic that they will do it in a manner that won’t make anyone’s blood boil over dollar amounts, but I am very skittish about the prospect of getting one person and trying to turn him into our savior again or use him as some sort of framework for a group of still-growing youngsters. Hopefully the Ms have bigger and better plans, and Jack Zduriencik can just wave his hand all Jedi-style and say “No, this is the amount of money and amount of years you will settle for” to any good free agent looking to pillage our bank.

My fingers are all crossed, which is going to make it really difficult to get back to work today…


EDIT:  They were “late” for the blog, but not too late. Here is an article with pictures detailing the new screen.

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