Happy New Year from Section 331

New Year’s Eve is going to be spent quietly eating, drinking, and probably watching awful movies, with a very small handful of Other People. Usually we have a pretty big blowout here at the house, but this month has been far too busy for that kind of shennanigans. I am totally fine with staying in on Amateur Night; it’s safer, less noisy, and there’s no driving.

I have not made many resolutions per se; I find that if I try and set a deadline for something and tell myself that I’m going to stick to it without wavering, if I do waver, I feel awful about the inability to keep the promise I made myself when I made the resolution. Rather than beat myself up over it, I have a few little changes that I want to make here and there; little changes will result in not as much getting on my own case if I botch it up.  I endeavor always to write more, but the Ms and my work schedule aren’t making it all that easy for me. I will keep trying.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have fun tonight and stay as safe as possible. May 2013 bring better lives for us all, and better baseball for the Mariners. Now let the wild rumpus begin!!!

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 8.24.12 PM

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