A Bunch of Unrelated Baseball Things

It’s quiet around here. Too quiet.

This is old news (I start a lot of sentences like that these days), but in addition to moving the back walls in Safeco Field, the Mariners organization is also adding Edgar’s Cantina, with a Mexican menu and special mescal branded by the Susan Lucci of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Edgar himself. I have never had mescal, but I will gladly try it here. I am a keen fan of Mexican food (if you’ve never been, I very highly recommend a local joint called El Chupacabra), and I figure that if nothing else happens this offseason, I might as well wash down my sorrows with some margaritas and tacos. Edgar’s will be located over where the manual scoreboard used to be in left field, and right below my seat; I cannot help but think that there is some cosmic force that has aligned here; the Mariners love me and want me to be happy. I will, however, avoid it like the plauge on Opening Day. I can’t help but think that sold out stadium + Mariners baseball may = someone else’s vomit on my shoes. I’ll wait until my first season game, thanks.

I was thinking this morning for some weird reason about former Padres prospect Matt Bush. If you don’t remember Bush, he made some brief baseball news a few years ago for getting drunk in a high school parking lot and pulling the “Don’t you know who I am?!” card on some poor high school lacrosse student.  He was supposed to be this great pitcher, so when I heard the news (and heard about his eventual transfer to the Tampa Bay system), I figured he would straighten up and fly right, having learned his lesson with a suspension. I thought that perhaps the Tampa move was a sign of good things to come for Bush. But when I looked him up this morning, that appears to not have been the case. His Wikipedia page reads like a litany of Stuff Not To Do Ever, and I would feel terribly sorry for him if his bad judgement didn’t make me want to slap him. It is so sad the opportunities he has thrown away for the bottle, and it is awful that he has hurt so many people with his behavior. You want to shake people like this and tell them how much they’re losing, but you can’t. All I can think is that there must be things that have happened and may still be happening to drive Bush to this point, and the alcohol isn’t helping. I hope that he gets treatment and is able to live the rest of his life with some degree of happiness; whether that is in or out of baseball remains to be seen.

The headline of this particular article from a few weeks ago makes my teeth itch a little, but I guess we’ll watch this and see where it goes. I don’t know that having the Ms admit that they plan to use Raul a lot defensively is exactly engendering confidence in the fanbase, but like everything else that the Ms do, I am taking a wait and see approach. I haven’t gotten around to getting much of a grasp on defensive statistics yet, but Ibanez apparently had a UZR last year in New York of 4.2. I am unaware of the numbers that would be used to measure an “average” player, but consider that in his last year with us in 2008, his UZR was -7.4. Playing for the Phillies in 2011, his UZR was -21.8. I’m going to take a stab at it and say that 4.2 maybe isn’t all that bad? Of course, someone please feel free to educate me, as always.  (I am almost positive that park factors enter into all of this as well, yes?) I am not by any means suggesting that Ibanez, at 40 or nearly 40 is going to have a miraculous comeback and be perfect in the field, but maybe the combination of wise usage on Eric Wedge’s part and moving the walls in might help him have a better experience here; most of my suggestions about outcome are wishes, of course.

I have submitted a time off request at work to attend FanFest on Saturday this year. I haven’t been on a Saturday for a few years, and it seems that everyone else I know usually goes on Saturday, so I am hoping it is granted. I have a new winter coat, and spent part of my Christmas break actually daydreaming about what I could wear to stay as warm as possible and not look crazy, so I feel that the last step is simply getting the time off. Hope to see a lot of you there, but probably not before you see me (the hair is bright pink lately).  It’s only a few weeks away!


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2 Responses to A Bunch of Unrelated Baseball Things

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Read the article on Matt Bush, and think your take on him is about right. Yikes!

    Not sure what to think about Raul Ibanez. I understand that he is a hard worker and could be a good mentor for the youngsters, but was really hoping for Hamilton or Swisher.

    We will probably do the FanFest thing on Saturday, and check out Edgar’s Cantina. Hope we have time to visit with you for a few minutes, possibly with some sort of beverage? 😉

    • Megan Shear says:

      Most definitely! I forgot about the beer in the Pen. Woo!
      The more I think about Bush, the more sad I am. I don’t know much more than what I have already read about his situation, but I hope he gets some help before he kills someone. 😦

      Edgar’s is not supposed to be open by FF, unfortunately, but I hope we can at least like walk past it or something and see the progress. I guess the big board isn’t supposed to be done just yet either, which is kind of a bummer; Opening Day is going to be a sensory overload for me, with all the new stuff going on. I can hardly wait! 😀

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