I don’t have anything else to add to this fray that the other blogs haven’t already said (and I am sure that I could find more links if I wanted to or had time). It’s just strange and headscratching, and I really don’t know what to make of any of it.

At first, I was happy because home runs and familiarity; then I found out that we sent John Jaso to the Oakland A’s, and I was not so happy anymore. Mike Morse projects alright, and that is great, but it would have been better, as everyone else is saying, if we had kept Jaso. I liked Jaso; I wanted him to stay, and I hate that he is going to a direct competitor, a team we play so very many times a year, no less! This just seems like a bad move, and now we have a catcher problem; so unless the Mariners are planning to go after a more effective power hitting catcher, or Mike Zunino is just amazing in the spring, well…I just don’t know.

This seems like a super out of character move for our front office, and it is a move that is losing some fans’ loyalty, and making many more nervous. Bill Bavasi will probably  be the GM that all other GMs will have to deal with being compared to for quite some time to come, and I hate thinking of Jack Zduriencik in those terms.  While I wasn’t really “around” for it back then, this feels like Richie Sexson to me, and while I would love to defer to my regular argument of they must know what they’re doing, it seems like there is a level of desperation in this move that we might not have had to deal with had sooner and more aggressive choices been made. But like with everything else the Mariners do and have done, none of us have a choice or say in the matter.

The Seattle Mariners need a winning season, more than anything else right now, or they’re going to lose fans; regardless of where the money is coming from, a larger screen and new restaurant (even though I am excited for both of those things, don’t get me wrong) are only going to go so far.  So yeah, I hope they know what they’re doing. I really do.

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4 Responses to Re-Morse

  1. People forget that Richie had 2 very good years before forgetting how to hit. Last Mariner to have 100 RBI was Richie. Not sure if this was PEDs or whatever, but I’d gladly take this year of Morse hitting like Richie’s first year.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Yeah; I know Richie was a good player once. I think people are just concerned about Morse absolutely tanking, especially when we’ve just come off another losing, lackluster year. Lots of folks I think expected Z to make more grandiose moves, even though we should all know by now that he doesn’t operate like that. My fingers are crossed for a successful Morse, of course (of course! Ha! I haven’t had any coffee yet this morning.)

  2. Blaine Wright says:

    I don’t think the organization has ever been as high on Jaso as the writers at some of the blogs. I think that if, as these writers thought they should, the Mariners had kept Jaso and gotten a third catcher to add to the mix, Jaso wouldn’t have gotten many at bats. While Jaso may have had a higher theoretical value to the team, Morse on the field does more for the team than Jaso on the bench.

    I agree that it’s hard to see him go to a competitor. I think that’s another measure of what the Mariners organization thought of him — if they thought he would make Oakland substantially better, they wouldn’t have traded him there. And with Houston joining our division next year, we won’t be seeing the A’s as many times as we used to. Wooohee! Rope them steers! I got so tired of seeing the same teams over and over even when we were better than they were.

    When you go to fanfest try to get some pictures of what they’re doing with right field, will you please? Thanks.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Blaine – yeah, you might be right; but I don’t have insight into the front office, and the other blogs know a lot more about a lot of this stuff than I do; and a lot of them are right. I have sort of lost track of Morse over the last few years since he left, but the last time he was on my radar, he was doing really well for the Nats, so I was sort of surprised over the general reaction; but I also didn’t know about his injury history, either. 😦

      As for FanFest, you better believe it; I’ll get pictures of the modifications that are going on, and whatever else I encounter there. 🙂

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