Ballard High School Wants to Play in Safeco

And I cannot say that I blame them.

The Ballard Beavers baseball team is currently selling tickets for a Seattle Mariners game on Thursday, April 11th against the Rangers. They will either sell you single game tickets, or a 20-ticket bundle for $200. These tickets are for the 300-level along the first baseline, and frankly, $200 for 20 tickets is not a bad price at all, if you’ve got 20 friends who want to spend an evening at Safeco for $10 a pop. The goal is 1,000 tickets sold total, and the prize is the team getting to play a game at Safeco against the defending 4A State Champions, the Kentwood Conquerors. You can get the full info at the link above, or contact their coach at The game the Beavers would get to play is on April 6th, is free admission, and $5 gets you a parking space in the Safeco Field garage, and that is not too shabby. So give some kids a great opportunity, and drop Coach Doug a line at the email above.

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