Mariners Ads Released, Opening Day Getting Harder to Wait For

It’s Mariners commercial day! There are six this year, and they can all be viewed here, along with a blooper reel that clocks in at about a minute and a half or so. Some lucky fan has already won Mike Morse’s t-shirt from the “Focused and Relaxed” commercial, and the “buffalo cookies” recipe has already been worked out and posted. I myself am more than ready for some High Heat Hot Sauce, and I hear whispers on the internet wind that it might indeed become a reality! Tom and I and most of our friends consume spicy sauces like we’re being paid for it, so anything new is more than welcome. The Baseball Hall of Fame hot sauce that I wound up with from my visit there a few years ago was more or less like a spicier version of Tabasco; I don’t mind this in general (Tabasco on eggs is wonderful), but more flavor, more spice, more different is always something to look forward to. I also appreciate the fact that this year, the commercials are kind of interactive! I don’t know how well other teams utilize social media, but the Mariners have really managed to go above and beyond with their involvement in it, and as a frequent flier on the Safeco Express, I have to say that it’s pretty cool. If the intended effect is to help fans feel like they’re a part of the game and organization, they have definitely succeeded. It will be exciting to see how they improve and continue their interaction with fans on an online level.

As if this wasn’t enough good news for the day (commercial day is always fun, every year), I received the coolest email before I left work for the day…

The Ms have been working to give those of us unwashed heathen poor a few breaks during the regular season. Last year (and I believe the year before, if memory serves, but I could not make it), 16-gamers were given the thumbs up to come to the season ticket holder appreciation game. We were basically allowed to wander in through the right field gates and be in the park for Mariners batting practice, grab a beer, and hang out way before the regular night’s crowd was let into the field, and even before happy hour in The Pen. There were opportunities for autographs as well, but you know me and my lack of desire to fight the under-12 hordes. It was fun to people watch and take pictures, and was a little calming before the storm of the game. For those of us who just like to hang out in a baseball atmosphere and take in the grass and the smells of fresh popcorn, dogs and burgers, it was a nice way to start the evening.

So imagine my absolute joy when I got an email inviting me to come to Opening Night at Safeco! My two season tickets are getting me passes for myself and a guest, free parking, drink vouchers, t-shirts, photo ops with “Mariners legends” (their words, no mine – I am guessing Buhner and Wilson, and this time I might actually do it. If Edgar is there I will for sure), a tour of the new Edgar’s Cantina, and all the hot dogs I can eat (I am assuming 99% that there will be hot dogs)!!! On top of all of this, we will all get to watch the opening game against – who else – the Oakland Athletics! I was already planning out my food for that evening and getting ready to hang out in my cozy living room, but this is much better. As an added bonus, Tom told me he would come with me, so he’ll be making a rare appearance at a baseball-related event. I’m pretty sure he’s just coming along for the hot dogs, but I’ll take it. Seriously, it’s kind of like seeing a tiger in the wild.

Between all of this and my plans for the home opener, I am really quite excited for the next few weeks. I have a lot of other things planned to be going on as well, so this is like the icing on a super fun cake. Two weeks and six days seems so. long. Can’t WAIT!

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