Almost There!

Just listening to a little of the last Mariners Spring Training game today while northwestern Washington flashes some spring at us this afternoon. Brandon Maurer has made the team and is on the hill giving up a few homers, but the Mariners are paying them back equally with another Justin Smoak dinger. Still waiting to find out whether or not we are going to have Jason Bay or Casper Wells on our bench, and the Ms are delaying this news until tomorrow. If I am as anxious as I am over this decision, I can only imagine what the two players might feel. Bay reportedly has the edge over Wells, but my fingers are still crossed for Casper. I have been wondering today what exactly this says about both players, that it has come this far down to the wire.

 Bay, J 17 52 11 17 3 1 2 6 7 17 0.327 0.407 0.538 0.945 0
 Wells, C 16 53 8 10 3 1 2 14 3 19 0.189 0.25 0.396 0.646 0

I am slightly more proud of myself than I probably should be that I put this information into an actual spreadsheet because I was curious to see what Wells’ chances are. They don’t look good. These are just Spring Training stats, but they are likely indicative of what will happen tomorrow. Wells’ saving grace is his RBI count; but that’s not much, and it can’t be enough to keep him on the roster. I am preparing myself to say goodbye, and I hate it. Baseball is harsh sometimes. I guess I need to really give some thought to falling in like with Jason Bay.

So this thing that is happening on Monday, this big Open House. It’s going to be a lot bigger than I thought. Who’d’a thunk that 20,000 or so Mariners fans would want to pack into Safeco on what will likely be a bit of a nippy Monday night to watch a Mariners game…on TV?! I have never watched TV with 20,000 people before. I hope they have the PA fired up and ready to go; if we do well against 2012’s AL West champs, we’re going to want to yell a lot about it.

It is here where I get to the point of my post, and that is this; I will be blogging from Safeco Field that night. This will not be a liveblog; that would be too much for me to handle in an unfamiliar situation, and I don’t think the occasion warrants it. Due to various circumstances beyond my control I might not be able to get all the pictures I want to get, but Monday’s post will probably come out to be more about the event itself than the game at hand. I will do my best to cover everything I possibly can, and the post should be up just befor or around the same time that the game ends. I must state for the record that this is NOT a media pass. I am not going to be in the press box, and I will not be doing this again this year, unless some miracle rears its head (and I am not holding my breath for that). I will be in the Terrace Club level, probably on the third baseline, in public, with my camera and laptop, writing the post in real time,  if all the stars align properly. I am very thankful for this opportunity, and the powers that be are very kind to allow me to do this. Again, NOT A PRESS PASS. Just a one-shot thing that I am going to be doing that I am very excited about. I will of course also be Tweeting and whatnot, but that I would do anyway, laptop or no.

Are you ready for baseball, Seattle? Because I sure am!

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2 Responses to Almost There!

  1. Frank Barbati says:

    Happy Easter Megan and Mariner fans everywhere! I am very excited about the team this year and going forward. The future looks very bright! I just bought the MLB league pass so I can watch all the Mariner games (or as much of each game as I can stay awake for here on the East coast (Connecticut). Good luck to the Mariners!

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