Edgar’s Tacos, a Terrible Loss on Tuesday

I missed yesterday’s game because I got very little sleep the night before, and fell asleep on the couch right after dinner until about 9pm, and then was  too tired to do anything but go to my actual bed. I woke up this morning to the news of yesterday’s charge into failure led by Blake Beavan, and the worst news of all, Michael Saunders’ sprained shoulder. I’d like to say I am shocked or disappointed, but really, this is why we can’t have nice things. I’m missing today’s game (even though a friend kindly offered me a ticket), because my wallet can only handle so much abuse, and my sleep schedule is all whacked out due to going to both Monday and Tuesday’s games.

Speaking of Tuesday’s game…

I went with my friend Eric, and we hung out at Hooverville for a while beforehand because Safeco Field doens’t have hard cider, and that is all Eric drinks (they used to, at the back bar on the west side of the field, but it has since been removed from the menu). Around 5-ish or so we decided to go to the ballpark and found it pleasantly (or unpleasantly) empty. I have a love/hate relationship with the concept of the empty ballpark. I love it because in general I do not like crowds, and it allows me to enjoy a game without having to shove my way through people every time I want a drink or some food; but I hate it because it’s depressing to look in the upper decks and see two people in a whole section, huddling together for warmth in the middle of that section because there are so few people there. From what I understand, the headcount was somewhere around 10,000 people or so.

But we went and the first place I hit up was Edgar’s Cantina, so I could check tacos off my to-do list. I was also interested in just being in a new space. Here is the view from the outer deck:

IMG_2587This picture was taken probably around 5.30, so you can see the very obvious lack of crowd a half hour after gates open. And tacos!

IMG_2588These are pork. I believe that the meat is the same kind used in the tortas, but am not quite sure. There are three in there, for $9, and they come with the meat, cilantro and onions, and cotija cheese. There is a salsa bar (the red and green bits) with three kinds of salsa. These are pretty good. My main complaint is that they are not spicy enough for me. I realize that not everyone is into spice, but maybe having a bottle of Tapatio wouldn’t kill them any. I give them high marks for general flavor, but not so much for spice. Still, pretty good for ballpark food, just like pretty much everything else in Safeco.

We also went downstairs to look at the new space/lower deck of Edgar’s.

IMG_2589You can see how it’s open air but with protective nets. People are standing around tables, and the bar is still where it used to be, it’s just much shinier and has fewer liquor options; mostly tequila.

IMG_2590Looking into the visitor’s bullpen. The tiny little holes that didn’t really provide much of a view are gone in favor of this. There is still a window and netting, neither one of which make for good photography, but the window is still a pretty cool feature.

IMG_2591Edgar stuff on the east wall (next to the window in the picture above).

My main issue with the downstairs is that it still feels very claustrophobic. I can imagine it’s fine if you get down there early and get a seat/standing space right up front , and it’s definitely a lot easier to take pictures of things from there than it used to be (my hilarious attempts at trying to get shots through the old netting were embarrassing at best), but a small space is a small space. And Mariners fans love their tequila; it was crowded so we didn’t stay long.

IMG_2593Looking out from the Edgar’s deck to the Pen and “Power Alley” area. I didn’t notice it on Opening Day, but they did in fact leave the bullpenbench in the same spot it was in during the open house event. Jesus Montero was signing a ball for a little kid over the fence area in the lower center part of the picture. I haven’t been all the way down there just yet.

IMG_2592Montero and bullpen catcher Jason Phillips.

IMG_2596Brandon Maurer doing a little stretching.

IMG_2599The best thing about Edgar’s, other than the newness, the fact that it’s in Safeco Field, and the tacos, is that it allows a view of the visitor’s bullpen that I have never been privy to before. If I’m going to pay the amount of money that would have been necessary to sit over the visitor’s pen in previous years, I’m going to try and get better seats than the ones over by the King’s Court corner for the money. But being able to stand there for free and take pictures is priceless.

IMG_2605The bullpen marching across the field.

IMG_2606Erik Bedard, warming up to absolutely own us.

IMG_2607Maurer warming up to be owned.

IMG_2624IMG_2625The Mariners bullpen, looking on.


And this is pretty much where the pictures end. You all saw or heard about it, you know what happened. Brandon Maurer got pelted and didn’t even make it out of the first inning. Kameron Loe didn’t do him any favors, nor did any of the subsequent relievers, with the exception of Lucas Luetge, who was recently optioned to Tacoma for his troubles because why not send down the guy who saved you from complete embarrassment in front of one of the smallest crowds I’ve ever seen?

The whole game was disappointing. Disappointing and cold. We eventually went to the Hit It Here Cafe to have a little late night food and get out of the weather. Eric weighs a buck-o-five, so getting him into the warmth was the only way I could keep him there for the whole game (he was my ride, I didn’t have much choice). We wound up leaving just before the bottom of the 9th, but I’m kind of glad that I did, because seeing the runs we collected then would have only gotten my hopes up and then dragged them back down.

Now, I watch the Supreme Court with Felix throwing against the Rangers, and hope that we can do something against a team that notoriously slays all of our batters. Go Felix go!


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2 Responses to Edgar’s Tacos, a Terrible Loss on Tuesday

  1. Laura says:

    Just wanted to let you know that there is at least one actual hard cider stand! I am not a beer drinker, so I too was disappointed in the lack of cider last year. The stand I’ve found is on the outside part of the 100 level concorse, around the right foul pole corner. They have a Crispin Cider and a Fox Barrel Pear Cider there. I’ve heard that there’s another one on the 3rd base side, but I haven’t personally found it yet. Hope that helps! Go M’s!!

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