Orioles Series Win

Last night saw the Mariners winning their second series of the year, and playing very well against 2012 second place Baltimore. If Adam Jones had been feeling a little more up to par yesterday, maybe we would not have had victory – or at least not as much of a victory – but he wasn’t, and Aaron Harang pitched well at home (as he is apparently wont to do), and the Mariners bats were wide awake and hungry for hits. We won 8-3 at the game I originally had tickets for; I chose to exchange those tickets for Tuesday’s 7-2 loss for a Brendan Ryan shirt. I’m glad for the shirt, but I would have had far more fun at last night’s game.

Last night was also significant in that Jesus Montero hit his first-ever career triple. This was thanks in part to Adam Jones, who tried to make the catch but failed miserably, crashing into the center field wall in the process. Montero was, I think, a little amazed at himself, and visibly very happy about his accomplishment. I tweeted to vote him ROOT Sports player of the game, because we will probably never see anything like that ever again. I could have also voted Harang POG, because he pitched a nice clean 6 innings with only 4 hits and 2 runs (the only two the Orioles managed to get), but Montero’s massive grin was just too good to pass up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move that fast. ‘Twas glorious.

Monday night I was not able to watch the entire game, but I watched just enough to know that the Mariners were probably going to win. Things looked good, but I was tired and had to go to the game on Tuesday, so I opted for sleep. Apparently at some point in the game that I must have missed, third base coach Jeff Datz made a call that was questionable and cost us a run (as is my understanding catching up on Twitter the next day at work). Around the same time I read those tweets, news came in of Datz having a closed door meeting and announcing  that he has recently been diagnosed with cancer. This news really puts the error in perspective. I can’t imagine what pressure it must be to be in that position doing something you love and  knowing that you are sick and have to leave your job for a period of time, possibly putting the team in a little bit of jeopardy because you know them and the replacement guy won’t as well. Cancer is kind of a big deal to me because I have lost two very good friends to it; so I wish nothing but the best for Datz and his family.  Good luck to you, sir, and hopefully we’ll see you back in uniform soon.

I am really looking forward to the next three games, and am very thankful that they are on east coast time. Felix goes up against the Jays and Ricky Romero tomorrow night, then Hisashi Iwakuma and RA Dickey duke it out on Saturday early in the morning. I took Saturday off for an event Friday night, so I will probably have to still set an alarm for this game (but better an alarm that goes off around 9.30 than 5!)  Joe Saunders and Brandon Morrow start on Sunday. Per the current standings, both teams are fairly evenly matched. Also per the current standings, the Seattle Mariners are in third place. That’s a new one. I kind of like it. If the Mariners decide to win the AL West this year, my promise of a tattoo still stands. Can they make that happen? Guess we’ll see.

More good Mariners news; the Rainiers are tearing things up down in Tacoma. If you are so inclined, the Rainiers are doing a $25 ticket package for all three games this weekend. This includes fireworks night, and Throwback Night, and a free hat. More details here. I am only mentioning this because it’s an amazing deal to see Mariners Junior, and I’m annoyed that my weekend is already so busy I cannot take advantage of it myself. I’m not a fan of hats, but I do love going to Cheney Stadium. Also they do Craft Beer Thursdays there now? Who knew?

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