Posting For Posting’s Sake

I had debated doing a game recap post today, but am so very glad I decided against it. Today’s game was not pretty. I can totally get behind the taking of the series, and the 15-18, .455 record is pretty spiffy as things are so far, but when Joe Saunders collapses, he really collapses. Love him at home, not so much abroad. This is the third series in a row the Mariners have won, and now they go to Pittsburgh for a two game series and a little interleague play.

As April is now officially over, I think I’m getting a little more comfortable with what the Mariners are doing. Things looked pretty bleak there for a while, but the guys seem to be settling in a little harder and playing better baseball. We have offense now, which is awkward for me to witness; the last time things were going this well was 2009, and that didn’t really pick up until the last month and a half or so. It’s disorienting and yet very exciting to watch one of our guys step to the plate and not be 100% convinced that it will end in strike/fly/ground out or something worse. I’m not convinced that we’re World Series bound, and at 5.5 games out of first place and it still being pretty early in the year, I don’t even know if we have a shot at any sort of title, but right now I am not completely embarrassed about being a Mariners fan. Not that I ever truly was, but it has been a little difficult to defend myself over the past few years. I’d love for Mariners fans to be able to stop living in 1995 or 2001, and fully embrace the team again within this decade. I’m still a wee bit gunshy, but the idea of the Mariners and what they’re doing is becoming more and more appealing with every game, win or lose. There are actually 14 other teams doing worse than we are; that’s got to count for something, right?

I wanted to make sure and watch the Mariners All Access show to see Jen Mueller’s conversation in English with Kendrys Morales. I don’t know much about Morales or his career. He has up until now been a dangerous Angel. I had completely forgotten about his broken leg during a home plate celebration a few years ago. I was kind of bummed out about that when it happened, especially since it was such a weirdly dumb way to wind up on the DL. Watching the clip, there was no way anyone could have stopped it or known what was going to happen when he entered the fray. Poor guy. In any event, he’s ours now, and I will gladly take his .259/.352/.393 line, his .289 BABIP, and his .2 WAR.

There is no real point to any of this. It’s a beautiful day out in Seattle, I’m going to  be out in it pretty soon here, I get to go watch a friend play some ball with his league later this evening on the Hill, and I’m happy to be a Mariners fan. Looking forward to catching the game on Tuesday in Pittsburgh. I don’t think i have ever properly seen PNC Park. From what I remember of two visits there, Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, and it looks like PNC is right on the water. Gorgeous. Time to go mow the lawn. Happy first sunny weekend in Seattle, everyone! 🙂


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