Aquasox, Cats and Pirates, Oh My!

I am taking a bit of a longer lunch today because I am an adult and I can. Also because I can’t get into Safeco later until my friend shows up to the will-call office, so there really isn’t any point in leaving work early today…

I have wanted to write lately, but I have been putting it off due to a camera issue:  that is, I cannot find my camera cord to transfer all the pictures I have taken over the past few games I’ve been to; and without the pictures, writing feels kind of pointless. I thought I would be able to find it this week after my Aquasox adventure last Sunday, but I haven’t been home a lot the past few days due to games and other out-of-the-house things, so I am still without a way to post photos just yet. Will work more on that later, maybe a few photo-only posts just to get stuff out there.

But, last Sunday was good fun. It was my first glimpse of newbie DJ Peterson, and Justin Seager, both of whom have a lot of hype to live up to. And you know, both of them were pretty good. The opposition over the weekend series were the Hillsboro Hops. That’s Hillsboro, Oregon. I guess after the departure of the Beavers from Portland in favor of the MLS Timbers FC, Hillsboro built a stadium, and the Yakima Bears were moved southwest. They are a Diamondbacks affiliate. 

The Hops’ pitching stymied the Sox until the fifth inning, when Everett loaded up the bases, and DJ Peteson stepped to the plate. With an amazing swing of the bat, Peterson sent a pitch up over the wall to bring everyone home, and erase the 5-0 score that we had been dealing with that far. There was a bench clearing in the 6th inning after Sox runner Jamodrick McGruder ran into the Hops’ catcher at the plate, resulting in a brief pile of both men; the catcher Yosbel Gutierrez puff-chested his way into getting everyone to come into what looked like it was going to be quite a fray; but no punches were thrown, and after the managers for both teams aired their grievances nose-to-nose, everyone went back to their posts as he inning was finished after this last out.

The game itself was won with a walkoff single courtesy of Justin Seager, and we all jumped up and cheered as the rain started to fall much harder than it had been all game long. There are certainly worse ways to spend a vaguely-gray and humid Sunday.

This particular game, though, is made far more significant to me by it being my first in-person kitty-on-the-field sighting! In the third inning, a cat attempted to make its way along the right field fences to places unknown. It was eventually corraled by the outfielders and a coach and released on the proper side of the fence for cats, but not before giving their right fielder a bit of a battle. All said and done, kitty was wrapped up in a warmup jacket and set free, much to the “oooh”s nd “awwww”s of the crowd present.  I’ve got audio of Pat Dillon’s call on 1380AM during the ordeal, and video footage of the incident can be found here. I was absolutely delighted at both the win and the cat; I love firsts!

I was at this last Tuesday’ game against the Pirates with Daniel Carroll, my partner in crime on the Mariner Basho Twitter account. What we lack in haiku as of late, we made up for in cracking jokes at the actual game. He is one of my favorite people to see a game with, particularly if the game is going poorly; a laugh is definitely needed during those times. We did the early-in thing for season ticket holders and watched the Mariners take BP, chatted with various people, and hung out in The Pen until just before game time. Watching the Pirates take BP, we noticed an increased amount of baseballs finding their way over pretty much every wall in Safeco. I had hoped it was due to the soft-pitching they might have been getting from coaches, and surely, surely against Joe Saunders, the hits would be far less frequent….right? Clearly not. The game was a vast disappointment and honestly the only thing that saved it for me was the company and beer. The Pirates swept us, of course, our bats being quiet once again for Felix Hernandez and the King’s Court during the afternoon game on Wednesday. I am  not saying anything new by publicly agonizing over the fact that we have this wonderful pitcher, this guy who has chosen to stay here rather than go anywhere else, and the organization has not produced an offensive line worthy of that dedication to this city.  I am tiring of “there’s always next year”; and I’m not even expecting a World Series; I just want a winning season, at this point. But we are 12 games back near the All Star Break. I guess at .430, a .500 season isn’t absolutely impossible, but getting there is becoming painful.

Tonight and tomorrow, I will be at Safeco watching the Ms take on the Chicago Cubs. Tonight is fireworks night, the first one at the park. I am curious as to how they’re going to pull this off, given what I perceive as a lack of space and the general odd concept of having a fireworks show in a stadium in a metropolitain area. We don’t have water to put a barge in like for 4th of July and NYE. Should be entertaining. Tomorrow, if it’s not too humid out, I plan to get spruced up in some of my best 1920s-inspired clothes and take in Turn Back the Clock Night from the comfort of the Terrace Club. Tom is out of town at a music festival, so I decided to take myself out on an expensive date. If it’s too hot out, I will likely toss on a t-shirt or something a little less complicated, but I am hoping for a nice evening out on my own, and am looking forward to what the Ms come up with, turning the clock back to the early 1900s. My favorite so far was the 1938 one they did a few years back. So much fun!

See you at the park!

Tonight I am going to be going to


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3 Responses to Aquasox, Cats and Pirates, Oh My!

  1. Iva Mace says:

    Great writing.

    On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 12:44 PM, SECTION 331

  2. Iva Mace says:

    I liked the video of the kitty. Poor kitty. He was probably scared out of his mind.

    On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 12:44 PM, SECTION 331

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