Friday Ruminations

Just some quick bits while I am at work…

I have been trying to figure out today how I feel about our sweep at the hands of the Boston Red Sox. I rarely have high hopes going against the Sox; they have been a good team for as long as I’ve been a fan, and even when they’re a bad team, they’re still good against the Mariners. Last night’s game gave me a little glimmer of hope, with Henry Blanco’s grand slam (which I just barely caught after getting back home from the store) that we might not get the daylights beaten out of us this series, but clearly our bullpen had other ideas.  The Sox are amazing this year, there is no doubt about that. I guess the only consolation I can take away from this, for what it’s worth, is that we fought pretty hard, all things considered. Extra innings, close final scores, hits hits hits….not enough, but indicative of a team that is clawing as hard as they possibly can. It’s a small consolation, but it is one I will gladly take. We’re on our 11 billionth catcher this season, for the love of kittens! We have certainly not been without our own issues.

Have been vaguely keeping track of the situation with Eric Wedge and his mini-stroke and general health. Glad they caught it in time, and hope his healthcare providers can figure out a way to either diminish the risk of it happening again, or stop it completely. Maybe no more massive omelettes and bacon from the clubhouse chef for a while? Just sayin’. I like you, Mr Wedge. Please stay healthy! I’m glad that he was well enough to come in a few days ago and say hello to everyone, check in and just give them a thumbs up in general on his condition. Now if we can get Jeff Datz back and in good health. Fingers crossed for everyone’s swift recovery.

Jason Bay’s DFA on Tuesday was not much of a surprise. I feel bad for the guy, but they haven’t been using him much lately, and clearly he’s not doing all that well.  I wouldn’t hold my breath that he’ll get picked up, but you never know. I still find myself shocked by the guys that land on their feet in other cities, or that teams will want a guy that is generally considered to be on the way out. Not that that is the case with Bay, but clearly he has been faltering over the last month. A good career in triple A is nothing to be ashamed of, and the Rainiers are now 4 games back of the Salt Lake Bees, so maybe Bay can help them out a little if he winds up accepting an assignment.

My time is running out to write, but I just want to express a general sense of happiness that the Ms have not traded, accepted, or otherwise dealt anyone before the trade deadline. I am hoping that this means a lockdown on a few players at the end of the season. Players like oh, say, Kyle Seager. I don’t know everyone’s contracts off the top of my head (this is nothing new, of course), but I would definitely like to keep Michael Saunders, Nick Franklin, and Hisashi Iwakuma riiiight here in the Emerald City.  For a while, if possible.

This was an awful post, but the Ms battle the Baltimore Orioles tonight (and I may have news regarding the Orioles and me within the next few months, but it’s only in the planning stages right now, so I’m not hedging my bets just yet), so maybe I’ll have something more worthwhile to write about soon. Have a good Friday, everyone!

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