Fridays at Safeco

I was in a salon last night for an unholy amount of time and didn’t get in until it was literally past my bedtime, so I was not able to set up a post earlier today like I would have wanted, but here we are, back again with this feature. I am on my way to figure out my Friday night, so this will be a short one, but here are three pictures from the 2013 season that were never shared here last year, and might hopefully transport you – at least mentally – to Spring.

IMG_2576Tom Wilhelmsen, closing things out. I have no idea where I was sitting for this one, since my regular season seats were in left field again last year, and this photo was clearly taken at night with the stadium lights on. I have no story behind this one at all. Just The Bartender, doing what he does.

IMG_2605I didn’t really pay much attention to the bullpen this last year again. Since a game ending at 10PM puts me at home around 10.30, and then I can’t unwind until probably around 11 and have to be up at 5AM, I couldn’t really focus on any one thing. I counted myself lucky just to be at a game last year. But I do remember taking this picture while a woman in back of me asked her husband what the suitcase was for. When he faltered in a response, I turned around and explained the bullpen rookie situation. He didn’t look terribly amused to have me show him up, but by the time I realized what I had done it was too late. I guess some people don’t enjoy talking with their seatmates, but that person is not me.

IMG_2623All pitchers, all the time! Brandon Maurer warms up for a start early in the season. That poor guy. I had so many hopes for him after Spring Training. I really wanted him to blow people away. Maybe there is hope for him this year. He’s currently on the 40-man, but I’d imagine he will still have to fight for his spot again. I’d really like to see him do well.

So there you have it, the first reinstatement of this feature. Happy Friday, everyone!


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