Fridays- er, Sundays at Safeco

This weekend has gone by way too fast, starting Friday night at around 4.30 or so. Didn’t get home until late, hosted a party over some football yesterday, and adopted a new cat today. So I’m a little off my game this weekend. Better late than never, eh?

IMG_2627I didn’t take many pictures of the bullpen last year, but out of all of them, this might be my favorite. I think this was taken sometime in late August or early September.

IMG_2633Charlie Furbush contemplates his next move. Furbush managed to avoid arbitration this year and still got a raise and a one-year contract to stay in the relief corps. I am glad. He has remained solid for the most part, and his projections look alright for next year, so I’m happy to have him back in our bullpen.

IMG_2644Just a bunch of guys, stretching. This was taken at one of the Tigers series earlier in the year during a season ticket holder early entry day. I met my friend Jennifer down there, and tried to get a Prince Fielder autograph, but anyone that knows me knows I’m not “that guy”, and a horrible autograph hound. I did get a lot of photos for her though, so it sort of evened out.

Recent Mariners news has it that to fulfill the role of President in place of newly-retired Chuck Armstrong, the organization is looking to hire within. A lot of names are thrown around in this article, but I have also heard of the possibility that Kevin Martinez might be a candidate for the position. Martinez is currently the VP of Marketing, and I can say from personal experience that he is a hell of a guy. On the few occasions I have talked to him, he has been nothing but cheerful and full of energy, and it is very clear that he loves his job. He was even kind enough to get me the Safeco wireless password during last year’s Opening Day open house at the park. Kevin is also younger than a lot of the candidates mentioned in that article, and it sure might be nice to get some younger blood in the old boys’ club. I know that a lot of those other guys might be attractive names, but my vote is all for Kevin Martinez. Fingers crossed!

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